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Fill out this form (use the print button in the upper right corner) and send it to the address below:

Nittany Valley Running Club Membership Form

July 1, 2007

Name: ____________________________________________ Home Phone: _____________

Address:__________________________________________ Cell Phone: _______________

City / State / Zip:____________________________________ e-mail: __________________

____ New Member or ____Renewal

____ Individual or ____ Family (2 or more persons, same address)

Membership Rates (please circle your choice):

Individual: Annual: $10 5 Year: $45 10 Year: $85

Family: Annual: $15 5 Year: $70 10 Year: $135


~~Areas of Interest~~

I'm willing to volunteer at NVRC running events _____

I'm willing to lead a Saturday morning group run _____
Road Racing Preferences:

___5K or less ___10K ___Half marathon ___ Marathon or more ___Track & Field

I'd attend seminars on:

___Cross-training ___Injury prevention ___ Beginners' running

___Shoe selection ___Nutrition ___Training & peaking for races



Make check payable to
Nittany Valley Running Club;

please mail membership form to:

Nittany Valley Running Club
Calder Square

P.O. Box 10348
State College, PA 16805-0348