The regular bimonthly meeting of the Nittany Valley Running Club was held on October 4, 2011 at the Hi-Way Pizza on North Atherton. Present were Dave Eggler, Marty Klanchar, Cheryl Capone, Tara Murray, John Wilcock, Dave DeGroote, Michelle Christiansen, Blake Cohen, John Fegyveresi, and Marty Mazur.

There were just three items on the agenda, but they took a while to get through. First, the mundane. The Calder Street Post Office, where the NVRC's PO Box has been located for years, will likely be going away. The NVRC will need to move it. We decided to move it to the main Post Office on Fraser St after the Half Marathon, so as not to interrupt mail to that race.

Second, elections. With Jerry Steffy stepping down, we need to fill the office of President. Per the bylaws, recently dusted off and brought up to date, we should also be electing all officers. We had a nomination process and a ballot for the officers has been prepared. As of the close of nominations, there are three candidates for the office of President and one candidate for each of the other offices (Treasurer, Membership Director, Communications Director, and Secretary/Archivist). The candidates for President are Robert Crowe, Mark Staub, and Chris Oliver. Candidates for the uncontested offices are: Treasurer: Dave Eggler; Membership Director: Marty Klancher; Communications Director: Marty Mazur; and Secretary/Archivist: Tara Murray. Cheryl Capone, who is not running for an office, will be running the elections. She'll be announcing the election procedure very soon. The election will be carried out over the internet and by mail for those few members who do not "do internet". Keep your eye out for emails soon!

The third item: We need to decide on a list of Spring marathons eligible for runners to run under the NVRC aegis as a fundraiser for Centre Volunteers in Medicine. We've had the Boston Marathon, of course, for some years now. And for the people who don't qualify for Boston (or who didn't get a registration), we will probably go with Pittsburgh, again. We'll soon survey our regular marathoners for one or two others to add to the list.

A couple of points of information. Dave Agler, who has been helping out with the Wahoo Group, is also training to be a race timer. Dave is learning the timing equipment and software. We thank Dave for taking a bit of the burden off Dave Eggler (that could get confusing) and Cheryl Capone.

Finally, the Youth Cross-Country program has been very successful this year. Even with the drab, cold, and rainy conditions of October 1, over 50 kids showed up for the second meet of the season. But Greg Fredericks and Liz Kisenwether could sure use a few more people to show up and help marshal the kids around the course. We encourage you to respond to the call for the last meet of the season, which will be October 22.

Next Meeting: December 6.