The regular bimonthly meeting of the Nittany Valley Running Club was held on December 6, 2011 at the Hi-Way Pizza on North Atherton. There was a huge crowd, including incoming NVRC President Bob Crowe, incoming Secretary/Archivist Tara Murray, incoming Communications Director Marty Mazur, incumbent Treasurer Dave Eggler, Rev. Carl Miller, Blake Cohen, Bob Boozer, Mike Casper,  Rich Olsen, Todd Baney, Dave DeGroote, Cheryl Capone, Greg Luna, Martha Nelson, John Wilcock, Kathy Koetje-Simin, Bob Radzwich, Tom Cali, George Lesieutre, Matt Smith, Jean Brownstead, and representatives of the Bob Perks Cancer Assistance Fund, including Doreen Perks, Jen Finkle, and Linda Gall. Oh, and various and sundry kids and significant others.

There was a bit of Club business to attend to before the food rolled in. We introduced Bob Crowe, the newly elected President. Bob has served as NVRC President once before, some years ago, and looks forward to taking a big role again.

Dave Eggler was next up. Dave is still recovering from directing this year's Half Marathon, which was the biggest one yet. The race had grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years, with the last two years setting new records. This year, over 700 finishers. The weather was perfect. A new female course record was set. There was some discussion about race logistics. But the big news is that Dave Eggler will be stepping down as NVHM RD after next year's race. Time to start looking! They're big shoes to fill.

Cheryl Capone reports that there is a group trying to organize a 5K for charity to be held in the summer on a course to be laid out on the Elks Club golf course. A cross-country 5K would be a great idea. Marty suggested that they also look into a golf tournament. Marty told Cheryl that the Club is always ready to help with race planning assistance and advice, as well as timing services.

John Wilcock reported that the preliminary results of the NVRC Race Series and Volunteer of the Year competition will be unveiled soon. When they are released, please review your points and report any discrepancies to John. The results will then be finalized. The awards will be given at the February meeting. The 2012 Race Series will begin on December 31 with the FIrst Night Resolution Run 5K. Some adjustments will be made to next year's Series, mainly involving which races are included in the Series. We will be adding Todd Baney's April Fools 5K. There may be a few other adjustments, which will be announced soon.

Cheryl Capone brought up some problems we have been having with consistency and sizing of technical race shirts, particularly those supplied for the mOUnTaiNBACK and the Half. This has been discussed at mOUnTaiNBACK planning meetings and the directors of these races are working toward a solution.

Marty Mazur will be talking with the Penn State track coaches on Wednesday, December 7 about the 2012 Indoor Mile Series, which is usually held in January and February. He'll report the schedule of events to the Club as soon as this is finalized. (Note: This meeting was held. Information on next year's Indoor Mile Series is now on the Club web site.)

Finally, Mike Casper gave a report on the fundraising success of the Tussey mOUnTaiNBACK Relay and Ultramarathon. Mike reported that the race itself, as well as the various ancillary fundraising efforts, which included a donation link on the Tussey web site, and various challenges, pools, and other activities, raised over $15,000 for the Bob Perks Cancer Assistance Fund. Doreen Perks was elated, as were the others present who are friends of the Fund, including Linda Gall, Jen Finkle, and Kathy Koetje-Simin.

After all that business, the Club went through 7 large pizzas and a fair number of pitchers of beer. There were no leftovers.

Next Meeting: February 7.