6:30 p.m., Hi-Way Pizza N. Atherton

In attendance:
Bob Crowe (president), Marty Mazur (communications director), Marty Klanchar (membership), Dave Eggler (treasurer), Tara Murray (secretary/archivist), Jerry Steffy (president emeritus), Cheryl Capone, Dean Capone, Bob Boozer, John Wilcock, Rich Olsen, Alan Effrig, John Hook, Carl Miller, Mark Fedkin, Christine Rodgers, Karl Shellenberger, John Fegyveresi, Dave DeGroote, Kathy Koetje-Simin, Dan Wright.

John Hook, president of the Mt. Nittany Conservancy, gave a short presentation about the Nittany Marathon proposed by the Conservancy. State College has not had a marathon since the Nittany Valley Half Marathon dropped its full marathon. The proposed marathon would show off Mt. Nittany (without climbing up it) and raise money for the Conservancy. After consultation with other local race directors and runners, John decided on an early September date for the marathon. It could happen in 2012, but more likely in 2013. John is seeking sponsors to cover the costs of putting on the marathon. The brochure handed out at the meeting is also available on the Mt. Nittany Conservancy website.

Mark Fedkin reported that Nittany Track & Field had another successful year. More than 100 kids participated in the summer track program, and more than 50 in the fall cross country program. NTF sent age group teams to district cross country competitions in Maryland. The next session will be starting in May and is open to kids ages 8-9 and older. NTF is looking for volunteers and coaches.

We need a new race director for the Nittany Valley Half Marathon. Dave Eggler has announced that 2012 will be his last year as race director (though he will continue to direct other races and be active in the club). A potential new RD could co-direct the race with Dave this year and then take over in 2013.

Marty Mazur, on behalf of Todd Baney, mentioned that the next race in the club series is the April Fool’s 5K on April 1.

Jerry Steffy, who stepped down as club president last year, announced that he and his wife are moving to Arizona in March. He thanked the club for welcoming him to State College, and commended it for outreach, for growing, and for its concern for youth. Marty Mazur thanked Jerry for all he has done for the club, and especially for getting the beginners group going. Denise Weaver is keeping the beginners group going. There was a hearty round of applause for Jerry.

Dave Eggler and Cheryl Capone will hold a timing clinic on Feb. 23 for anyone who wants to learn to time races or just understand the timing process. The clinic will start at 7:30 p.m. at the Penn State indoor track (Ashenfelter Multi-Sport Facility). Show up at 7 p.m. to watch Dave set up the equipment.

The Krush Program, a training group, has started a speaker series. The first event will be on Feb. 20 at 6:30 p.m. at St. Joe’s. The topic is how to go from running to racing (or improve your racing) and will feature local Olympic hopeful Rebecca Donaghue and her coach, Artie Gilkes. There is a suggested donation of $5-10. The Krush Program will also be resuming its free Tuesday evening track workouts at the State College high school track once there is more daylight in the evenings.

Cheryl briefed the club on the work she has been doing with apparel. She is hoping to find a good supplier for race directors and also order club singlets and other apparel. It has been several years since the last club order. Cheryl will start with singlets, and then work on a technical t-shirt and other items. The singlet design will be mostly royal blue with the logo and club name in white. She’ll provide an update when she is ready to take orders.

Rich announced that his Firefighters 5K and Fireman’s Adventure Race will take place May 5 at W. Branch Rd. The race, part of the club series, was a success last year despite horrible weather. Rich promises better weather and a fun obstacle course in addition to the 5K this year.

Following the business portion of the meeting, Marty Mazur presented the race series and volunteer of the year awards.

Race series:
3rd place: Christine Rodgers received a hat
2nd place: Marty Mazur received a shirt
1st place: Alan Effrig received a jacket

Volunteer of the year:
3rd place: Cheryl Capone received a hat
2nd place: Tara Murray received a bag
1st place: Kathy Koetje-Simin received a fleece pullover

Despite the large turnout, the group failed to polish off the 5 pizzas and several pitchers of beer ordered.