The October meeting of the Nittany Valley Running Club was early this year. On October 1st! Present were Garren Katz, John Groenwald, Carl Miller, Mike Casper, Dave DeGroote, Greg Fredericks, John Fegyveresi, Amy Blake, John Hook, Colleen Saylor, Dave Eggler, Marty Klanchar, and Marty Mazur.

There was a lot to talk about tonight but with the President and Secretary absent, Marty Mazur had to run around like a one-armed paper hanger with hives doing three jobs! So, he went through the agenda, boom-boom-boom. First up, Mike Casper gave a report on the recent NVRC blood drive. Despite being put on last-minute in the thick of Fall marathon and mOUnTaiNBACK training season, the drive was pretty successful, collecting 18 pints of blood. There'll be another one in the "off-season" in late January, when everyone's blood will be pretty rich. Mike is also the mOUnTaiNBACK RD and made a plea for more volunteers. With just under three weeks to go, the area's longest race could use more help everywhere on the course. Contact Mike if you can help.

John Hook gave a report on the 1st Annual Mt. Nittany Marathon. The race was a success, with 188 registered runners, 139 finishers, and about 150 volunteers. Runner feedback was positive and helpful. There will probably be a couple more water stops next year. Yes, there will be a race next year. The board of the marathon is deciding between August 31 and September 14, with the late August date currently the likely choice. The race will start an hour earlier to avoid late summer heat as much as possible.

Dave Eggler gave a report on the Arts Fest races. The event, including the newly re-introduced 10-Miler (3 simultaneous races now!), was a big success. The race that floats the Club and all we do made a handy $10K profit. The other races our Club puts on support various local charities. The money from this race goes to support all the things our Club does, including a variety of youth running programs, our equipment needs, our meeting costs, web site, and all the sundries that keep us going. Dave also announced that we need to find a new Arts Fest RD. Dave has already pulled back form directing the Nittany Valley Half, now in the able hands of John Wilcock. He wants to enjoy his retirement by freeing up a bit more time in the summer. Dave will continue to time "many, many races" for our Club and the community, and will still direct the First Night race. But it's time to pass the torch on the Arts Fest. If you're looking for a way to get involved, THIS is a big opportunity. Dave will be your valuable consultant as you take the reins!

Another longstanding local race that needs a new director is the Boalsburg Memorial Day Race. The race is the same age as the Arts Fest Race, a round 4 decades. If you can help, contact Marty Mazur and he'll put you in contact with your ticket to Race Directorship!

Ryan Hogan of the Penn State Cross-Country Club contacted us recently about the upcoming Nittany Lion Invitational XC meet, to be held on the Penn State IM Fields and Arboretum on Park Ave this coming Saturday. Ryan wanted to know if anyone from the Club would be interested in coming to the meet to volunteer, amd to talk to their group about our upcoming events. Marty Klanchar indicated he'd go. If you're interested in helping, contact Marty K.

Marty also relayed that the Marathoners For Medicine group, which runs Spring marathons to raise money for Centre Volunteers In Medicine, needs a Volunteer Coordinator. This person would help sign on runners to the event and coordinate various activities for that group. Marty expects the M4M effort to be big this year since many local runners will make a special effort to run Boston this year. It could be as big as 50 runners from the area running at least one of the M4M marathons! Contact Marty if you can help!

Marty Mazur relayed that Sheryl Balky and Cheree Jones are again taking part in the United Way Day of Caring and again will be working with a crew that will clear brush from a section of the jogging paths along the south and west edges of the PSU golf courses. It's a great service to all local runners. Sheryl asked the Club if we would foot the bill for some snacks for the crew, and how could we say no?

Tara Murray could not be at the meeting, but relayed that she is busy gathering as many of our old Newsletters as she can find. She'll be digitizing and archiving these. For Club old-timers, this archive will be a fun trip down memory lane. For others, it will be instructive to see how the Club has grown and changed with the times over 40 odd years.

Finally, the Club will be holding elections soon. We need someone to run the election. It has to be someone NOT running for one of the positions, President, Treasurer, Membership Director, Secretary/Archivist, or Communications Director. The election has in recent years been done via an online poll, so it's gotten to be an easier job. If you can help, contact, Marty Mazur.

Next Meeting: December 3.