The December meeting of the NVRC turned out to be the post-election inauguration session. Since I found out, much to my amazement, that I was elected Secretary late in the meeting, I may not have gotten all the details of

what transpired. Herewith are the high points:

 - NVRC Half Marathon was a big success. We got the shirts that were delivered  to the wrong place. Dave Eggler is in the process of delivering them.

 - We have decided to renew our ATF membership.

 - Steve Bodner and Mike Casper will be directing the Arts Fest 10 K in 2001.

 - There'll be an NVRC indoor mile race this weekend at the Multi-Sport  Facility in conjunction with an intersquad PSU track meet.

 - To encourage volunteering, at Morgan's suggestion we are going to try to  institute a Volunteer of the Year Award, perhaps to be conferred at a re-instituted annual banquet.

That's about all I can remember. If anyone remembers important details that I've omitted, let me know. I'll come with sharpened pen and take more detailed notes next time.

Martin A. Mazur ....................