The regular meeting of the Nittany Valley Running Club was held on Tuesday, June 7, at the Hi-Way Pizza on Westerly Parkway. Your Club Secretary was not present, being engaged at SCAHS Coach Bob Baumbach's retirement picnic, and so is giving this report second hand. Most of the usual suspects were present, including, in all likelihood, Jim Taylor, Dave Eggler, Marty Klanchar, and Boyd Brumbaugh. Also present was newcomer Jerry Steffy, newly retired, newly moved to the area, and looking to get involved in local running.

The biggest order of business was to approve a couple of requests for support that the Club has had from two local youth running groups. Our Club mission statement commits us "to establish a sound, continuing program of youth and adult fitness, to promote development and competition for all age groups, and to conscientiously prepare athletes for competition". To this end, the Club has approved payment of $460 to Scott Brooker of the Penns Valley Youth Track Club to cover meet expenses, and $800 to John Schmidt of the Nittany Track and Field Summer Youth Club to cover meet entry and other expenses. This was a one-time approval for these two Clubs. However, we plan to work out a general approval policy for such requests. We plan to make available an as yet undetermined percentage of our Club assets for support of programs or races that meet out Club's mission. We've been talking about formulating a general policy for some time, but Mr. Schmidt and Mr. Brooker couldn't be kept waiting forever.

Jim Taylor will be organizing a Club picnic, something we haven't done in a few years. The picnic will be in August. More details will be coming!

Jim gave a brief report on the progress of this year's Arts Fest race, which will quickly be upon us. Things are proceeding apace. There will be a 5K and 10K course. The 5K will be run mostly on the East campus and will cover a route similar to the Tsunami Relief and Breast Cancer Awareness races. The 10K will take tack on 5K on the West campus and encompass portions of last year's course. Details will be announced soon.

Some progress has also been made in finding a replacement for Jim Taylor, who is looking forward to being active with the Club, but no longer as President. Look for an announcement regarding the changing of the guard soon.

Next Meeting: August 2.