The regular meeting of the Nittany Valley Running Club was held on Tuesday, April 4 at the Hi-Way Pizza on Westerly Parkway. The big crowd is becoming a characteristic of our meetings lately. On hand were Dave Eggler, Marty Klanchar, Jerry Steffy, Marty Mazur, Boyd Brumbaugh, Amy Paster, Mark Fedkin and Katya Bazilevskaya and their kids Nikita and Natasha, Alistair Geddes, Morgan Windram, Bob Boozer, and Dave DeGroote. In addition, another table of NVRC members, the CVIM Boston Marathon Teams, was across the room. That group included Tom Cali, John Domico, Martha Nelson, Kim Gasper, and others. A few of them stopped by to say "Hi". The waitress gave us all a scare when she told us green olives weren't available for the "NVRC Special". Thankfully, she was misinformed.

There were numerous items of business on the agenda. We gave the floor first to Morgan Windram and Alistair Geddes. The couple will be marrying soon and leaving us to pursue the lives of academic vagabonds. In addition to Morgan's already considerable contributions to local running, the two would like to leave the Club with a bequest. They would like to leave a grant to enable the registration fee of one ultramarathoner to be waived at the Tussey mOUnTaiNBACK for years to come. After discussing the criteria for choosing the beneficiary, we decided to base it on a statement of financial need that the runner would make with his or her application. Morgan said that she has benefited from one such grant in her storied ultra career. Details of Morgan and Alistair's bequest will be forthcoming. Morgan also wants to have a Club group run and picnic closer to the date of their departure. The tentative date is June 9. Details on this will also be forthcoming.

The next order of business was the Arts Festival race. Amy Paster reports that Jerry Steffy will direct the Kids race fun runs. They will be timed. The main events will be, as last year, a 10K and 5K. The courses will be about the same as last year, with a few minor tweaks.

Another issue that was brought up was the idea to have some kind of beginners running seminar or program. Currently, the NVRC has a beginners 5K, the Knights of Columbus 5K, in October. We recognize beginners who run and complete that race. To help runners get ready, we have a do-it-yourself "Couch-to-5K" training program on our web site. However, we'd like to do a little more, if possible, something like a series of short runs with some sessions on stretching, injury prevention, etc, built in. These session would help beginners do the "Couch-to-5K" program with a group. If anyone out there would be interested in leading such a program, contact Marty Mazur at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Jerry Steffy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Next, we talked about some ideas that have been floating about the Club in the 6 weeks since the tragic accident that took the life of local running legend Sue Crowe. Numerous ideas have been proposed for ways we can honor Sue's memory and her contributions to local running, particularly to youth running. A few of these ideas have fallen by the wayside for a variety of reasons. After some discussion, the attendees at last night's meeting agreed on two things we will do. First, pending consultation with the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts director, we plan to name the Arts Fest races in honor of Sue Crowe. She and her family ran the race almost every year. Sue won the race 5 times, including 3 times when it was a 10 Miler. This is tied with only one or two other women and second only to the number of times Greg Fredericks won the race. Second, we would also like to make some kind of financial contribution that would help honor the memory of Sue. We plan to speak to Bob Crowe, who has held numerous NVRC offices, to find out what he thinks would be an appropriate thing we could do to honor Sue and continue her legacy with respect to youth running.

Our last big bit of business was to try to tie off discussion about the NVRC's proposed policy regarding our financial sponsorship of youth running programs. After having reviewed a proposed policy, the members present suggested a few amendments to the policy. The proposed policy will be disseminated to the Club for comment shortly.

Next Meeting: June 6.