The regular meeting of the Nittany Valley Running Club was held on Tuesday, June 6 at the Hi-Way Pizza on Westerly Parkway. We had a big crowd again, with the promise of more coming, as President Jerry Steffy said he would be late with some of the Tuesday Beginners Running Group in tow. Present at the start were  Morgan Windram, Alistair Geddes, Bob Boozer, Mike Casper, Tara Murray, Amy Paster, Boyd Brumbaugh, Dave Eggler, Marty Klanchar, Mike Connelly, and Marty Mazur. After the pizza and refreshments were ordered, the Club dove into some running talk.

The meeting was a bit more loosely run than many recent meetings have been. Amy gave a report on the progress of the Arts Fest Race, which is going well. She'll be needing to round up race day help soon. Marty Mazur has made a few minor adjustments to last year's course and will be seeking a volunteer who will be there on race day to make sure the course is well marked and staffed. Morgan Windram and here fiancee Alistair were there to say good-bye. They're getting hitched soon and will be living abroad. Mike Casper and Bob Boozer dropped a reminder about their upcoming races, the Crack 'O Dawn 5K and the Speed-To-Read 5K. Marty Klanchar suggested that our next meeting double as a Club Picnic. We'd have it at a local park and order some pizza. We'll announce details later.

When the Beginner's Group showed up, introductions were made around. Jerry's group is doing well, with 12-15 runners showing up every Tuesday evening for a brisk workout. We'll be seeing this crew at local 5Ks soon!

Aside from the small amount of business we did, we mostly engaged in runner talk. Boyd Brumbaugh filled us in about his recent 2nd place finish at the God's Country Marathon. Good conversation all around.

Next Meeting: August 1.