Membership (Zoom) Meeting

- Sorry for the delay in the minutes. All of my apple devices were being repaired at Best Buys Geek Squad for the week. -

Club officers present: Bob Shafer (president), David Eggler (treasure),Marty Mazur (communications director), Marty Klanchar (membership director), Erika Christiansen (secretary / archivist). Other present: Tara Murray Grove, Michael Renz, Tony Kwasnica, Mike Walwro. 

Mike Walwro, the Race Management Chair of the Penn State Club Cross Country team, presented information about his club and interest of working with the NVRC. The club has 100 active members but due to the challenging time they most likely will have 50-70 members. There are three phases for club sports. Phase one - not in person (which they’re in), phase two - one on one with masks, phase three - small group with masks. Mike is looking for events since there will not be any meets this season. Mike suggested an interest in having the NVRC join their runners in a virtual 8k or 6k. The officers suggested a relay at Spring Creek Canyon where runners show in a span of an hour, run and self time. The PSU club would prefer the runs to be closer to campus. The club meets are held on the IM fields. Mike put in a request for October 3rd or October 10th for the first half of the day to hold a race on the IM fields. He hasn’t heard back if this is approved. Marty Klanchar will continue to communicate with Mike and our club about possible upcoming virtual races. 

Marty Mazur spoke briefly about the web site calendars being broken. Marty will put a google calendar together within the next week or so. Bob Shafer and Michael Renz have been assigned to look into the issue and will help fix the problem. We’ll keep you updated as to when the calendar on the site is fixed. 

Tony Kwasnica said the Nittany Track & Field will have the cross country season with meets going on. The CRPR have been very supportive with the program. Registration will open shortly. Nittany Track & Field will not request money from the NVRC this year.

Mark Courtney is offering a marathon for those who registered for the Boston virtual event on September 13 at Mercer (Lake Latonka). The limit is 75. Here's the link to sign up:

The Tussey MOUnTaiNBACK will hold the race with only ultra runners and the Old Men on the Mountain team. NVRC will not be sponsoring the event due to it being too much of a liability. The ultra will be held on Sunday October 11, 2020.

Some of you have been running in groups during this pandemic, others are about to start group runs again, please be safe and ensure your practicing social distancing of 6 feet apart. Stay healthy NVRC runners!

Next meeting: October 6th (we’ll let you know of the location closer to the date - Hi-Way Pizza or Zoom!)