Membership Zoom Meeting

Club officers present: Bob Shafer (president), David Eggler (treasure),Marty Mazur (communications director), Marty Klanchar (membership director), Erika Christiansen (secretary / archivist). Other present: Michael Renz, David Lloyd, Jake Clements Kim Gasper and Stephen Wong (new to the club).

The Tussey MOUnTaiNBACK is running right now, Sunday October 11th. There are 67 ultra runners, 3 husband and wife teams and the Old Men on the Mountain team. George Etzweiler, 100, has calculated that he will complete his leg of the Mouintainback relay at about 9:56 a.m. on Sunday at Whipple Dam. The park is closed but you may park on the street level If you would like to be there to cheer for him. PennLive will be there too. George does not mind a group. You can also cheer for the team at the finish line, sometime after 5:30 p.m. at Tussey.


Marty Klanchar mentioned our renewal for the Road Runners Club will be in December. This renewal is to provide insurance for the club. Members asked if they would be giving us a break due to lack of races and group runs due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, they will not be giving us a break. Currently, the club has 200 members. Marty will be sending out renewals for the NVRC memberships. Those who haven’t renewed for the 2021 year will be deleted. 

Marty Mazur said a quick calendar for the website was set up and will be running soon.

M4M is slowing getting closer to their fundraising goal of 45,000. As of last week, they have raised 37,468.40. This is pretty impressive and we’re so appreciative of the support from our running community. M4M will keep the pages up through the end of the year. 

Kim Gasper announce the Run for the Diamonds race will be on Thanksgiving Day and will be an in person race not a virtual one. There will be five waves and will be timed by chips. There will not be t-shirts instead gators will be given out. It's a $25 registration fee. You may register at

The Boalsburg Turkey Trot will be going virtual. We will have more information soon from Jayson Jackson. 

Carol Baney the Director of Operations for the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts was inquiring how to create a virtual race for their December event. Members suggested the website Run Sign-up and I AM Athlete have tools to help create a virtual race. 

Next club meeting: December 1st, 2020