The regular meeting of the Nittany Valley Running Club was held on Tuesday, June 5, at the HiWay Pizza  on Westerly Parkway. It was a pretty lareg turnout again, a good five pizzas worth.  In attendance were Marty Klanchar, Kim Gasper, Marty and Andy Mazur, Dave Eggler, Bob Boozer, Jerry Steffy, Pam Scott, Dave DeGroote, Mike Connelly John Wilcock, Jen and Joe Herbstiritt, Leslie Dutchcot, Christine and Bob Rice, Denise Alidenco, Jamie Volkert, and several others whose names escape me now. The meeting was not as ridiculously overloaded with business this time.

There were a couple of main items of business. First of all, for the first time perhaps ever, the dues of the Nittany Valley Running Club will be increased. Those present decided that rather than raise it once by a tid, then later by a tad, we'd do it all at once (and still be a bargain!) As of July 1, basic dues will be $10/year. There will be multi-year and family memberships as before. Details will appear soon. If you want to get a last shot at the old rates, renew before July 1!

The other main item of business is the continuing saga of this year's Arts Fest Course. The University keeps throwing us curves, the last being that Porter Rd will be torn up between Curtin and College from next week until the end of summer. This necessitates yet another redesign of the course (which Marty Mazur had just finished buffing). So, Marty has come up with another revision, and as soon as he discusses it with Race Director Amy Paster, he'll put it up on the Arts Fest Race web pages.

A big contingent of Wahoo (Beginner's Group) and Bellefonte runners was at the meeting. These groups are among the most active in our Club, and the Bellefonte crew has offered to host our next meeting, the Annual Picnic, at Governor's Park in Bellefonte. Details will be announced soon.

Speaking of Bellefonte, Kim Gasper is trying to get a regular race going in that town, in memory of Jeremy Herbstritt, in order to help raise money for a track for Bellefonte High. The first race will be some time in August and will appear on the calendar shortly.

Marty Mazur spent some time trying to find the right-sized singlets in his unorganized box for those who came to pick up their new NVRC singlets. They're great looking. If you ordered one, contact Marty to pick yours up. We expect we'll be doing another order before too long.

Jerry has a neat idea: Let's have the NVRC challenge running clubs from the local areas of some of our Big Ten opponents during football season. Enough runners are also team followers that we could host a race or fun run, NVRC vs. Michigan? Ohio State? We can start with the home games, then maybe see how many of us travel to the away games. If we get this going, don't be surprised if when you travel to watch Penn State play Ohio State in a few years that you hear Jerry banging on your RV door telling you it's time to put on the NVRC colors!

Finally, Dave DeGroote and Marty Mazur continued talking about improvements to the web site. Dave is cooking some things up. Maybe the site will have a new look soon!

Next Meeting: August 7.