NVRC membership meeting December 6, 2022 Present: Mike Casper, Dave Eggler, Kim Gasper, Jonathan Gasper, Tara Grove, Michelle Hutnik, John Iceland, Marty Klanchar, David Lloyd, Marty Mazur, and Bob Shafer The first item on the agenda was the possibility of holding an Arts Fest race next year. We may have a race director and we still need to identify a race course; we will have additional discussion of logistics over the next month to determine the feasibility of holding the race. The second item on the agenda was moving the NVRC membership database from ImAthlete to Runsignup, and we will implement this change for the coming year. Next, Mike Casper presented the Mountainback’s 50 mile race donation to CommonFood. Finally, Marty Klanchar asked whether there was interest in members running as individuals or as teams in the upcoming USATF National Cross Country Championships, which will be held in Richmond, VA on Jan 21, 2023. We encourage interested individuals to sign up.