We had a light turnout this evening for our bimonthly meeting. Three officers couldn’t make it for various reasons. Attendees were Bob Shafer, Marty Mazur, Dave Lloyd, and Kim and Jonathan Gasper. Just a few things to report. 
Planning for the Arts Fest races are proceeding. The races (5K, 10 Mile, and Kids Races) will be held at the PA Military Museum in Boalsburg on July 16. This will be the first time in four years that the Arts Fest Races have been held.
Josh Cone is starting up a Wednesday Evening hill/speed workout in Boalsburg. Runners meet at 6 PM at Josh’s house at 951 Tressler St in Boalsburg. 
The Herbie’s Home Town Loop race will be held in Bellefonte in August. Details will be posted on the Calendar soon.