The NVRC met on June 7 at Hi-Way Pizza on North Atherton. Jerry Steffy, Marty Klanchar, Dave Eggler, Marty Mazur, Mike and Evan Casper, Todd Baney, Rich Olsen, Scott and Stacey Falkner, Bob Boozer, Paul Lammert, Michelle Christensen, David Lloyd, newcomers Steve Olson and Emily Herring.

While the group waited for President Jerry Steffy and the Tuesday Beginners group to show up, Marty performed his usual duties: he ordered pizza and beer. And he started the meeting rolling by saying he wanted to conduct as little business as possible so the group could talk more. But a couple of things needed to get done.

Membership Czar Marty Klanchar had to leave the meeting early but reported that he'll be sending out reminders soon to those in the Club whose membership is up for renewal. Rich Olsen is set to announce a series of obstacle type races that he will be putting on in the area starting next year. This is the latest thing in running / adventure sports. Races in the region that fly this banner include Tough Mudder and Warrior Dash races. Runners compete in a race that combines running with going through obstacles like mud pits, climbing walls, and other challenges. In many of these, finishing time is not important (in some it's not even recorded), but the strenuous fun and the challenge of overcoming the obstacles, sometimes with the help of others, is what counts. Rich will be officially announcing details of the events soon.

Marty Mazur has been in discussion with the Clearwater Conservancy about a trail map of State Game Lands 176 that they have commissioned from Purple Lizard Graphics. Purple Lizard maps are very high quality maps that have been done, for example, for the State College Area streets and bike paths, and trails and roads in Rothrock State Forest. Clearwater is involved because the Scotia Barrens where SGL 176 is located is a major source of groundwater for the Spring Creek watershed. They are seeking donations to help defray the cost of the project. Many local runners use the miles of trails in the Game Lands all year long. Marty proposed that the Club make a donation to the project. Treasurer Dave Eggler OK'ed a $200 pledge.

The only other business to attend to was setting up our Annual Picnic at the Club's next meeting on August 2. New member Emily Herring was interested in volunteering for the Club, so it didn't take much arm-twisting to get her to sign up to coordinate this year's event.

Next Meeting: Annual Picnic, August 2. Details of where and what to bring will be announced later.