A Runner's Diary by Patrick Whalen

Greetings from New York State, where the winter has been unkind to runners.  On days when running is not possible, some of your members may want to read a good book that is partly about running.

The book is called Brain Bombardment; the subtitle is A Runner's Diary. The book begins with the author's desire to set a lifetime personal record for the five-mile run.  Age interferes with the quest itself, but does not interfere with the value of running as an aid to rigorous mental activity.  Chess and mathematic are discussed frequently, but there are a lot of humorous passages.

You can view the book's cover and a brief description of its contents at the Web site of my publisher: www.llumina.com.  You can also learn more about me by visiting my own site (still under construction) at http://www.webspawner.com/users/patwhalen.

I am 50 now and can't run as fast as I used to, but I still run at least two miles a day whenever the weather permits.  As I wrote near the end of my book, "I'll run it until I'm too old to run; when I'm too old to run it, I'll walk."


Patrick Whalen, M.A.
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March 2003