Jeff and Jim Smucker and Marv Hall completed the 134 mile Badwater Ultra-Marathon course in a leisurely 4 days. Rather than stick his research in a file, Marv is making it available to others that are looking for something different to do for a break from the normal winter runs. Marv thinks there are others that might like to do the Badwater course in January rather than July.

Jeff Smucker keeps a blog of his ultra adventures. Here's the blog. Jeff's January 2013 writings were all about the trip and go into the adventure in interesting detail with lots of pictures. They're in reverse chronological order, so start from the bottom.

(The graphics from Marv's reasearch are too big for the formatted page. Shrinking them wouldn't do them justice, so click to continue...)



badwater map

A map of the Badwater Ultra course

badwater profile

Elevation profile of the Badwater course

Badwater Ultramarathon in 4 days in January

Itinerary of Marv, Jeff and Jim