January 11, 2014

It’s usually the runners who are breaking records at the ever faster and ever more successful NVRC Indoor Mile Series. But this time it was the meet itself! The first meet of the 2014 Indoor Mile Series had a record turnout for the first race of the season: 37 runners showed up and for the first time ever, three heats were needed in the first meet! That usually doesn’t happen until Meet 2. Will we need a fourth heat in one of the season’s later races?

While no records were broken in this meet, several runners met their season goals early (time to set new goals!) and others laid the groundwork for PRs later. In the “slow heat”, Bill Zimmerman ran away from the field to take first in 5:28.53. (Guess who’ll be moving up a heat next week!) Next up, Tara Murray, whose times have been lowly, but steadily improving over the years enlisted Judd Michael as “pace booty” to get her past the tough times that usually occur in laps 5 and 6 of the 8 lap race. Judd did his job to perfection, finishing just 0.03 seconds ahead of Tara in 5:51.84. Tara’s time is probably her best season opener, and bodes well for things to come. Also looking good for the coming season were Tanya Rissmiller, Rosie Oakes, Emily Woodward, and Sara Noss, all of whom easily made their predicted times. Sara’s time of 6:51.73 is already over 8 seconds better than her goal for the season, so she could quit now. But she just bought a pair of new track shoes! Time for a new goal! Michael Straw and David Lloyd both look like strong contenders to break 7 soon.

The middle heat was a little tighter in the top places. Andy Mazur made a return to the track with the modest goal of breaking 5:15 and being on a 5 minute pace through the first half-mile. He did both, as he led for nearly 7 laps. Steven Williams and Kevin McClernand had strong kicks, though, and took the top to slots. Williams won in 5:04.79, and in doing so turned in the fastest Masters time of the day. McClernand was second in 5:06.19, and Mazur was third in 5:09.98. All look like strong sub-5 hopefuls for the coming weeks. Nick Kello was the second Masters runner of the day, finishing fourth in 5:12.62. Katie O’Regan was the top woman, finishing sixth in the heat in 5:16.36. O’Regan, who was shaking a winter cold, has a season goal of sub-5, which would put her in contention for the women’s Indoor Mile Series record.

The fast heat had some close races in the middle spots, but William Mitchell had no problem handling the field for the top slot, finishing in 4:32.33. Paul Grieve was second in 4:40.90, and Tim Appman was third in 4:41.12. There were a lot of familiar returning names and faces, mostly from the Penn State Cross-Country Club, who usually supply the season’s fastest times. Will anyone break 4:20 and try to challenge last year’s Club record of 4:14? It looks like a big mountain right now, but we’ll see as the weeks unfold.

If you want in on the next meet, be sure to sign up by Wednesday. Remember, runners must sign up every week so we can get rosters to the timers.


Andy Mazur closely led eventual middle heat winner and fastest Masters runner Steven Williams for nearly 7 laps.


William Mitchell took first place in the fast heat.


Katie O'Regan, top woman finisher, looks to make a stab at the Indoor Mile Series record.

Heat 1

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Bill Zimmerman          5:28.53
 2.    Judd Michael            5:51.84 (M)
 3.    Tara Murray             5:51.87
 4.    Michael Goldfine        6:15.51 (M)
 5.    Tanya Rissmiler         6:27.98
 6.    Marty Klanchar          6:36.77 (M)
 7.    Rosie Oakes             6:38.65
 8.    Emily Woodward          6:40.11
 9.    Jane Brooker            6:48.68 (M)
10.    Sara Noss               6:51.73
11.    Marty Mazur             6:55.71 (M)
12.    Michael Straw           7:08.88
13.    David Lloyd             7:18.30 (M)

Heat 2

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Steven Williams         5:04.79 (M)
 2.    Kevin McClernand        5:06.19
 3.    Andy Mazur              5:09.98
 4.    Nicholas Kello          5:12.62 (M)
 5.    Chip Kogelman           5:13.22
 6.    Katie O’Regan           5:16.37
 7.    Michael Zimmerman       5:18.68
 8.    Bob Shafer              5:19.00
 9.    Joe Heintz              5:37.60
10.    George Lesieutre        5:43.71 (M)
11.    Jaimie Wright           5:47.19
12.    Allison Machnicki       6:02.64

Heat 3

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    William Mitchell        4:32.33
 2.    Paul Grieve             4:40.90
 3.    Timothy Appman          4:41.12
 4.    John Lacy               4:43.32
 5.    Sean Dooling            4:48.84
 6.    Tim Flynn               4:50.07
 7.    Thomas Stitt            4:52.81
 8.    Brad Thompson           4:53.28
 9.    Tommy Rudowski          4:55.39
10.    Matthew Herring         4:58.27
11.    Andrew MacNeill         4:58.51
12.    Jay Hiller              5:19.15

M - Indicates Masters (40 and over) runner.