January 18, 2014

The Indoor Mile Series has a reputation for a new record every meet. And this meet would not disappoint. First, a record number of participants: 58 runners in 4 heats, both record numbers. And in the second heat Meira Minard brought the Series Womens Masters record to State College, smashing the old record by nearly half a minute!

In the slow heat. there were several Series "newbies", and quite a few runners from last week, all of whom improved on their previous times. Joey Stoltz was first across the finish line in 6:09.46. John Wilcock was second in 6:16.13, and Series first-timer Sarah Irwin was a close third in 6:16.47. Michael Straw clocked a huge improvement over his first Series race last week by finishing 4th in 6:18.90, an improvement of nearly 50 seconds!

The second heat was very exciting. Matt Poyton ran away from the field ot win in 5:29.70, but the pack behind him traded places many times over the 8 lap run. Meira Minard poured it on in the last quarter mile to crush the 4 year-old Series Women's Masters mile record, finishing second in 5:37.62. Meira can easily take the Women's Masters overall Best Series record (sum of best two times in one Series) by running one more Series race this year. Liz McHale and Jaimie Wright battled for third, with McHale crossing first in 5:39.19. Wright's time of 5:39.88 was a PR for her. Another close pack had Marissa Fritz, Anne Balogh, and Mike Martin battling for 7th through 9th. They finished in that order, with only 0.57 seconds separating Fritz (5:50.05) from Martin (5:50.62).

The third heat had a few close packs. Andy Maguire, Steven Williams, Jordan Holder, and Andy Mazur were in a constant back and forth battle for first that wasn't decided until the last lap. Maguire took first in 4:55.95, Williams was second in 4:57.18, Holder third in 4:57.71, and Mazur fourth in 5:00.83. For Williams and Mazur, these times represented big improvements (7 and 9 seconds, respectively) over last week. In another close group, John Beck, Nick Kello, Robert Liebers, Luke Nigro, and Katie O'Regan took 6th through 10th, respectively, with just over 4 seconds separating them. O'Regan took over a second off her Series leading women's best time with a 5:15.15 finish.

The fast heat had the most exciting race for first of the day. Last week's winner, Will Mitchell, led the whole way, but Masters standout and Series Men's Masters record holder Nick Berra was breathing down his neck the whole time. Nick is a smart racer and knows how to wear down an opponent, but Mitchell's kick was just too much today. Mitchell was first in 4:26.98, over 5 seconds faster than last week. Berra was second in 4:27.66 and Dan Craighead, who wins many of our longer local races (he has won the Nittany Half-Marathon the last two years), was 3rd in 4:33.35, with Garrett Derringer a close 4th in 4:33.56.

The Series takes a break of nearly two weeks. The next race is Friday, January 31 at 4 PM. Runners must register by email by the 29th and check in by 3:30 PM. Details are on the Indoor Mile Series page.



Current Women's Series leader Katie O'Regan (l) and new Indoor Mile Series Women's Masters Mile record holder Meira Minard (r).


Nick Berra set the Indoor Mile Series Masters record in 2011. He was less than 4 seconds off that time today.

Heat 1

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Joey Stoltz             6:09.46
 2.    John Wilcock            6:16.13 (M)
 3.    Sarah Irwin             6:16.47
 4.    Fred Wright             6:18.82 (M)
 5.    Michael Straw           6:18.90
 6.    Tanya Rissmiller        6:23.24
 7.    Marty Klanchar          6:23.76 (M)
 8.    Jane Brooker            6:28.77 (M)
 9.    Emily Woodward          6:29.05
10.    George Dieffenbach      6:32.65 (M)
11.    Caitlin Maher           6:33.39
12.    Beth Shisler            6:35.12 (M)
13.    Marty Mazur             6:53.80 (M)
14.    David Lloyd             7:14.65 (M)
15.    Seung Yi Lee            8:12.84
16.    Robert Yager            9:46.19 (M)

Heat 2

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Matt Poyton             5:29.70
 2.    Meira Minard            5:37.62 (MR)
 3.    Liz McHale              5:39.19
 4.    Jaimie Wright           5:39.88
 5.    George Lesieutre        5:42.60 (M)
 6.    Michael Jones           5:48.37
 7.    Marissa Fritz           5:50.05
 8.    Anne Balogh             5:50.16
 9.    Mike Martin             5:50.62
10.    Judd Michael            6:00.99 (M)
11.    Allison Machnicki       6:01.21
12.    Mark Rhodehamel         6:06.78 (M)
13.    Michael Goldfine        6:16.00 (M)
14.    Phil Pillin             6:23.90 (M)

Heat 3

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Andrew Maguire          4:55.95 (M)
 2.    Steven Williams         4:57.18 (M)
 3.    Jordan Holder           4:57.71
 4.    Andy Mazur              5:00.83
 5.    Chip Kogelmann          5:04.05 (M)
 6.    John Beck               5:11.14
 7.    Nicholas Kello          5:12.05 (M)
 8.    Robert Liebers          5:12.30 (M)
 9.    Luke Nigro              5:14.77
10.    Katie O’Regan           5:15.15
11.    Kiet Vo                 5:18.94
12.    Matthew Strausser       5:21.61
13.    Ariane Abadi            5:32.35
14.    Chuck Brooking          5:44.10 (M)
15.    Johanna Ohm             5:45.83

Heat 4

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Will Mitchell           4:26.98
 2.    Nick Berra              4:27.66 (M)
 3.    Dan Craighead           4:33.35
 4.    Garrett Derringer       4:33.56
 5.    Dave Moore              4:37.41
 6.    John Lacy               4:40.35
 7.    Sean Dooling            4:45.55
 8.    Paul Wright             4:50.10
 9.    Tommy Rudowsky          4:53.68
10.    Jay Hiller              4:55.37
11.    Derek Gerberich         4:58.85
12.    Matthew Martino         4:59.75
13.    Stephen Senick          5:09.35

M - Indicates Masters (40 and over) runner
R - Indicates Indoor Mile Series record