February 7, 2014

The final meet of the Indoor Mile Series capped off the most successful year yet for this event. Four heats of the mile with 57 runners were followed by the largest ever heat of the 3K, with a field of 19. And despite a lap-counting mix-up that cost one record in the 3K, another record was set in that race anyway.

The "slow heat" of the mile was notable in that all runners finished under 7 minutes, some setting PRs in doing so. Tony Pszeniczny finished first in 5:52.41, followed by David Miller (5:58.56) and Fred Wright (5:58.68), who battled down the last straight for a near photo finish. Michael Straw, who came to the first Indoor Mile hoping only to get close to 8 minutes, has steadily shaved time off his initial 7:08 finish. Straw went under 6 for the first time to finish fourth. Most of the others in the heat also set season bests, and David Lloyd, who tried all last year to break 7, finally got on in under the wire in 6:59.13. Congratulations!

The second heat also featured some strivers. Matthew Strauser was first across the finish line in 5:17.60. Second was Mike Renz, who ran a season-best 5:19.94 despite knowing he'd be doing the 3K shortly after. Mark Hawkins was third in 5:22.65. Meira Minard nearly equaled her Women's Masters Record of 5:37.62 to finish in 5:37.90, again despite the prospect of a 3K to follow. Jaimie Wright set a season best time of 5:38.94. And Allison Machnicki finally got to flash her patented finish line smile as she achieved her season goal of sub-6, finishing in 5:54.64 with the help of perfect pacing by Judd Michael. The two were on precise 6 minute splits until the last lap when Allison put all the rest she had into a great final lap.

Heat 3 is always loaded with runners right at the 5 minute threshold and it's a treat to see who makes it and who just barely doesn't. Dan Pszeniczny was first across in 4:43.31. Dan came to the race from out of town with his brother Tony. With that time, Dan would have been in contention for the Series Masters award if he would have done two races this year. Thomas Stitt was second in 4:49.48 and Eric Marshall third in 4:51.98. Stephen Senick and Mike Spagnolo had a battle for 6th and helped each other post sub-5 times. Senick finished in 4:59.25 and Spagnolo in 4:59.69. And how close was Jordan Holder to going sub-5? You couldn't get any closer: 5:00.00. Andy Cunningham was on the good side of that last week, breaking 5 by 0.01 seconds. This week he didn't look like he was resting on his laurels but still finished over 5 in 5:03.72. And Andy Mazur, who came close to sub-5 in Meet #2, was off that pace early, but still managed a great finishing kick to hold off Kiet Vo by 0.04 seconds for 11th, finishing in 5:08.27.

The fast heat had a little hot sauce added to kick up the pace. A couple of college walk-on prospects (not listed) were added to the heat sheet and they brought out the best of some of the Club participants. Ean DiSilvio ran very even splits with a little kick at the end and finished in 4:17.95. Will Mitchell kept up for most of the race, but fell back to third before finally putting on a ferocious kick to close most of the ground he lost. Mitchell, a grad student, logged a "best since college" time of 4:19.32 and finished first among the official NVRC runners. Joey Walls ran a season best 4:22.34 to take third. In all, 9 runners, 7 of the Club runners, finished under 4:30, easily a record. (Another probable record: 22 runners in 2 heats were under 5 minutes).

The 3K was the crowning run of the night, and for quite a few participants, their second trip on the track. We usually make allowances for runners who want to run both the mile and the 3K, sometimes placing them in earlier heats of the mile to give them more rest. But Dan Craighead insisted on running in his seeded heat of the mile, so he had less than 5 minutes rest before the 3K start. Despite that, Craighead had a great race, battling Erich Leiden the whole way. Leiden had a little more kick in the final two laps and won in 9:12.08. Craighead was second in 9:15.62. Jason Zabelsky was third in 9:29.85. Dan Pszeniczny set a Men's Masters record, beating Tom Cali's 5 year old record to finish 5th in 9:37.01. Steven Williams also beat Cali's old time, and nearly broke 10, finsihing in 10:00.03. Marissa Fritz had the best women's time of 11:19.98. Several runners were victims of a lap counting error. Meira Minard was denied a Women's Masters record when she stepped off the track after 14 of 15 laps. Sorry, Meira, but it'll be yours next year!

Every year we think the Predicted Time Contest cant' get any closer, but this year leaves little room to improve. Mike Zimmerman predicted his mile finish within 0.01 second. The only way it will get closer is if someone nails their time on the dot!

The Mile Series sure helped get people's minds off the bitterly cold winter we've been having, and kept their training up to boot! Until next year, keep running!



Will Mitchell, winner of the 2014 Indoor Mile Series, ran a "best since college" time to earn his gift certificate from Rapid Transit Sports


Meira Minard won the Women's Masters Series and set records for individual and Series total time. Maybe she can use her winnings to finally get a new gym bag!


Jaimie Wright took 3rd in the Women's Open Series competition. She ran all 4 miles. This time she brought her whole family to watch.


Mike Zimmerman and Mike Renz were all smiles before the 3K. These two were among several who did both the mile and the 3K!


Erich Leiden won the Men's 3K and proudly sports his NVRC winter skull cap.


Marissa Fritz won the Women's 3K and will now be able to keep her head warm.

Heat 1

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Tony Pszeniczny         5:52.41 (M)
 2.    David Miller            5:58.56 (M)
 3.    Fred Wright             5:58.68 (M)
 4.    Michael Straw           5:59.69
 5.    Nick Gildow             6:07.19
 6.    Michael Goldfine        6:07.59 (M)
 7.    Marty Klanchar          6:14.42 (M)
 8.    Caitlin Maher           6:18.24
 9.    Jim Maras               6:33.17 (M)
10.    Marty Mazur             6:43.32 (M)
11.    Sara Noss               6:53.46
12.    Leah Brandt             6:58.64
13.    David Lloyd             6:59.13 (M)

Heat 2

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Matthew Strauser        5:17.60
 2.    Michael Renz            5:19.94
 3.    Mark Hawkins            5:22.65 (M)
 4.    John Affleck            5:32.25 (M)
 5.    Liz McHale              5:32.26
 6.    Mike Jones              5:35.06
 7.    Joe Heintz              5:36.89
 8.    Meira Minard            5:37.90 (M)
 9.    Ashlee Dere             5:38.80
10.    Jaimie Wright           5:38.94
11.    Tyler Frederick         5:46.56
12.    Mike Martin             5:49.45
13.    Tara Murray             5:53.44
14.    Allison Machnicki       5:54.64
15.    Judd Michael            5:54.67 (M)

Heat 3

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Dan Pszeniczny          4:43.31 (M)
 2.    Thomas Stitt            4:49.48
 3.    Eric Marshall           4:51.98
 4.    Greg Learn              4:53.77
 5.    Matthew Pennock         4:56.70
 6.    Stephen Senick          4:59.25
 7.    Mike Spagnolo           4:59.69
 8.    Jordan Holder           5:00.00
 9.    Andy Cunningham         5:03.72
10.    Luke Nigro              5:04.60
11.    Andy Mazur              5:08.27
12.    Kiet Vo                 5:08.31
13.    Nicholas Kello          5:12.90 (M)
14.    Mike Zimmerman          5:14.01

Heat 4

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Will Mitchell           4:19.32
 2.    Joey Walls              4:22.34
 3.    Garrett Derringer       4:25.88
 4.    Doug Jordan             4:27.44
 5.    Timothy Appman          4:28.26
 6.    John Lacy               4:29.78
 7.    Travis Prejean          4:29.88
 8.    Dan Craighead           4:37.27
 9.    Jacob Loverich          4:41.68
10.    Drew Belnick            4:41.99
11.    Brad Thompson           4:43.17
12.    Tim Flynn               4:48.42
13.    Sean Smith              4:50.38 (M)
14.    Matthew Herring         4:51.41
15.    Jay Hiller              4:56.99

3000 Meter Run

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Erich Leiden            9:12.08
 2.    Dan Craighead           9:15.62
 3.    Jason Zabelsky          9:29.85
 4.    Matthew Herring         9:32.88
 5.    Dan Pszeniczny          9:37.01 (MR)
 6.    Max Petrosky            9:38.29
 7.    Matthew Martino         9:51.78
 8.    Steven Williams        10:00.03 (M)
 9.    John Martino           10:02.12
10.    Joshua Cone            10:16.90
11.    Robert Liebers         10:31.14 (M)
12.    Kevin McClernand       10:51.06
13.    Marissa Fritz          11:19.98
14.    Kelley Harrington      11:28.60
15.    Anne Balogh            11:33.52
16.    Michael Renz           11:34.07 *
17.    Meira Minard           11:46.41 (M)*
18.    Michael Straw          11:53.56 *
19.    Michael Zimmerman      12:02.44

* Due to an lap counting error, this runner only ran 14 of 15 laps. The time listed here is an extrapolation and do not count for records.

M - Indicates Masters (40 and over) runner
R - Indoor Mile Series Record