Indoor Mile FAQ

Who can run in the Indoor Mile series?: Any adult member of the Nittany Valley Running Club can run in any of the Indoor Mile Series races. High school age runners and younger cannot participate in the Indoor Mile Series 

What's it cost?: The Indoor Mile Series Is free. The Club will make a donation to the PSU Track and Field Booster Club. If you'd like to add to that donation, bring a few dollars.

Where are the races held?: The races are at the Horace Ashenfelter III Multi-Sport Facility (MSF), which is the long building just down the hill from the Bryce Jordan Center on University Drive. You can park in the lots you would use for the BJC.

What if I'm not a member of the NVRC?: That's OK. We'll sign you up on race day. It costs $15. You can get a Club Membership Form here.

Do I have to be an elite athlete to run?: No! We get a wide range of talent showing up at the races. We've had runners do the mile in under 4:20 and over 8:30. We get runners in their 20s and others in their 70s. They are a lot of fun, and will keep you focused on improving your speed over the long winter months.

Come on. Isn't it kind of intimidating to run on the same track with all those collegiate athletes?: Honestly, they don't even know you are there. And they won't be running the same race as you will be, anyway! They'll be warming up while you are, which is more awe-inspiring than intimidating. It's inspiring to watch these really fast kids. You might even want to hang around as a spectator after you race! But the kids are so focused on what they are warming up for that they probably don't even know the NVRC event is going on. The crew that organizes, times and officiates the race is very friendly and will make you feel a little less jittery before you take off. And once you get moving, it's like any other race.

OK, I'm in. What's the drill?: Register for one of the races by emailing Marty Klanchar at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 3 PM on the Wednesday before the race. Please give Marty an idea of your expected finishing time so that he can organize heats. Show up at the MSF building at least a half an hour before the posted race time to check in and warm up. The check-in desk is at the same end of the track as main entrance doors to the track area, to the left as you walk in the doors. An NVRC member is usually nearby. Tell the NVRC official at the check-in table that you are there to run the Nittany Valley Running Club Indoor Mile. Get your stick-on number and apply it to your running shorts as directed. Then warm up. Be alert when warming up on the track. Many of the Collegiate runners will be warming up at the same time, and the sprinters are fast.

What is the MSF track like?: The MSF is a modern indoor sports facility built in the late 90s. The MSF track is a very fast 200 meter track. The track has an adjustable hydraulic banking system on the curves. The banks will generally be pitched half way for the mile races. The banking does not make much difference to milers, who will spend most of the 8 lap race on the inside lane. There are a little over 8 laps to the mile running on the inside lane. You can find more information about running and training for track events on the NVRC web site. There is a pace chart for the indoor track here.

Can I wear spikes?: Runners may wear conical spikes up to 1/4" during their race. Here is a description of the allowed type of spike.

So what are the prizes?: We usually have some prizes for the winners. Gift certificates, running goodies, and the like. This year we will be giving an award for the best cumulative performances over the course of the series. For runners over 40, we will also have prizes for the best Master's series. We will have a Predicted Time Contest on the last race in the series. Keep an eye on the Indoor Mile Series page for more details as they become available!

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