First Night T-Shirts Through The Years

Here is a gallery of some First Night Resolution Run 5K T-shirts through the years. Click on any thumbnail for a larger view. If you have a T-shirt from a race not represented here, take a photo of it and send it to Dave Eggler at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


FN 1997


FN 1998


FN 2001

2001 (Front)

FN 2001 sleeve

2001 (Sleeve)

FN 2002


FN 2004


FN 2005


FN 2006


FN 2008


FN 2009

2009 (Left Chest)

FN 2010


FN 2011


FN 2012



2009 Nittany Valley Half-Marathon Photos

Photos taken at the Nittany Valley Half-Marathon courtesy of Heidi Lewis and Tara Murray.

[flickr tag=",2009,nvhm" user=all sort=date-taken-asc limit=200]

Kids Racing

There are several races and competitions just for kids in the local area including the Youth Cross-Country Program.  Many local race also have associated kids races, including the Arts Festival and the Boalsburg Turkey Trot. Any race on our Racing Calendar with the group icon has a kids race as one of the activities. And if your child is interested in racing, the best way to help him or her improve is the Nittany Track & Field Youth Club.

2010 Nittany Valley Half-Marathon Photos

Photos on Flickr: Tara's Photos, Dave's Photos,

Photos on Kodak Gallery: Grace's Photos