The 2017 NVRC Race Series is under way! If you are interested in past years' tallies, go here.

Race Series Cup Points Volunteer Awards Races


Race Series Cup Points

Here are the totals for the Race Series to date, through First Night and the Indoor Mile Series. We'll catch up on more recent races soon. Note: Mens and Womens tallies have been separated, but since the same point awards are available to all, Series placement is based on overall point awards.

2017 NVRC Race Series   Total
Costas Maranas   14
Keith Henderson   12
Justin Wager   12
Alan Effrig   11
Eric Marshall   11
Andrew Sell   11
Matthew Balogh   10
Vince Fadale   10
Marty Klanchar   10
Doug Schunk   10
Mike Martin   9
John Knepley   8
Shundai Li    8
Robert Liebers   8
Michael Goldfine   7
John Iceland   6
Michael Janik   6
Lincoln Kennedy   6
Jim Kisenwether   6
David Lloyd   6
Isaac Messner   6
Ian Adams   3
Mark Brady   3
Nicholas Camusi   3
Dean Capone   3
Brian Capone   3
Mark Colwell   3
Matt Dabiero   3
Jeff Davidson   3
Greg Green   3
Marv Hall   3
Steven Hanna   3
Ben Hietsch   3
Michael Holtzinger   3
John Hook   3
Peter Jackson   3
Brent Kelsey   3
Andy Maguire   3
Jake McGeehan   3
John Messner   3
Steven Morgan   3
Tyler Perdue   3
Marc Rigas   3
Aaron Seip   3
Jim Sellmer   3
Levi Upham   3
Josh Velez   3
Tari Elkin   18
Jaimie Wright   12
Rita Concannon   11
Meira Minard   10
Liz Kisenwether   7
Jean Brownstead   7
Megan Becker   3
Karen Miller   3
Jennifer Patterson   3
Clare Gervino   3
Cheryl Capone   3



Volunteer Award Points

Total Volunteer Award Points are the sum of Club Role related volunteering points, volunteer points from individual Series races, and miscellaneous points for such things as writing web site articles and participating in or donating to the CVIM Marathoners For Medicine teams. See Scoring for details. We'll have Volunteer Awards Points here soon.