January 7, 2012
by Marty Mazur

The first meet of the 2012 Indoor Mile Series was typical of years past. Runners fresh off the Christmas break, some with brand new resolutions to make good on, came out to see where they stood. The benchmark run. For a few, it was a sobering experience. For others it was better than they'd thought it would be.

The first heat, the "slow" heat, was taken by David Schumaker, who was somehow placed in the wrong heat, in 4:45.70. He more than lapped the field and would have won the fast heat as well. And Schumaker seemed disappointed in his time. He might have run a bit faster if he'd had someone to run against. Beth Herndon, who has won several Indoor Miles in times around 5:10, paced her friend Greg Larsen. They finished in 2nd and 3rd places, respectively. Blake Cohen was pleasantly surprised with his time of 5:32.14. His PR from high school days was over 10 seconds slower, and he felt like he could easily improve today's time with some work on pacing. Tara Murray and Michael Goldfine continued their string of neck and neck racing. After some passing back and forth, Michael beat Tara this time by just under two seconds. And Jane Brooker is making her return to racing after a recent injury. She was hoping to go under 6 minutes, but here second half-mile pace flagged considerably and she crossed the line in 6:21.24. But wit a little work, she has a great shot at the Club women's masters record of 6:05.83. Aisling Ryan had a great time on her first outing. She had no idea what she could do, and put down 10 minutes as her prediction for heat placement. She beat that by nearly 2 minutes and sub-8 looks like an easy goal for her next run.

The second heat was much tighter. The first 6 runners went under 5 minutes, with Kenny Roman taking first in 4:51.52. Bob Chandler was second in 4:52.13 and Andrew Maguire came in a very close third in 4:52.44. Constantin Schreiber is kicking himself for not kicking hard enough on the last lap. He was the first over 5 minutes, by 0.22 seconds. Jeff Smucker has a good start at a sub-5 after his 5:13.58 showing. And Michael Renz was very pleasantly surprised with a 5:17, much better than his runs of last year.

Runners won't get much of a breather before the next meet, which is next Saturday, January 14. If you want to run, send an email to Marty Klanchar at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 5 PM on Wednesday!

The "slow" heat, towing the line, looking relaxed, was won by David Schumaker (far left) with the fastest time of the day.

The "fast" heat was looking a little tense and will have to get faster at next week's meet.

Photos by Marty Mazur

Here are some better shots by Marty Klanchar:


Heat 1

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    David Schumaker         4:45.70
 2.    Beth Herndon            5:25.50
 3.    Greg Larsen             5:25.64
 4.    Blake Cohen             5:32.14
 5.    Kris Keimig             5:45.94
 6.    Cory Neff               5:47.71
 7.    Frank Rodenbaugh        5:51.41
 8.    Michael Goldfine        5:53.35 (M)
 9.    Tara Murray             5:55.51
10.    Jane Brooker            6:21.24 (M)
11.    Kate Miffitt            6:57.80
12.    Aisling Ryan            8:10.84

Heat 2

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Kenny Roman             4:51.52
 2.    Bob Chandler            4:52.13
 3.    Andrew Maguire          4:52.44 (M)
 4.    Derek Gerberich         4:55.81
 5.    Nick Fornicola          4:56.80
 6.    Travis Trago            4:58.74
 7.    Constantin Schreiber    5:00.22
 8.    Greg Learn              5:02.45
 9.    Jonathan Fleming        5:10.99
10.    Jeff Smucker            5:13.58 (M)
11.    Michael Renz            5:17.66
12.    Alan Effrig             5:26.18

(M) - Designates Masters (over 40) runners