January 14, 2012

As happens every year, the second Indoor Mile meet saw a near doubling of the field. That first one is just too soon after Christmas! Thirty-eight runners ran in three heats, including quite a few making a return from last week's race. In the first heat, Michael Renz shaved 4 seconds off his previous best to easily win the heat in 5:13.9. Returnees Cory Neff and Kris Keimig were second and third in 5:43.30 and 5:52.87, respectively. Tara Murray could have used a push from her track rival Michael Goldfine, who was resting today. Tara barely went under 6 minutes, and was nearly 4 seconds off her time of last week. George Dieffenbach came in all the way from Pittsburgh to join the fun today. He ran a great time, too (6:06.97), though he would have liked a sub-6. At 58, George thought he was the oldest guy out there. But Dan Guss had him beat (Dan is over 60), at least in the age category. Dan's time was 6:24.96. Indoor Mile Series Director Marty Klanchar finished well among the geezers, too. Marty is 54 and finished in 6:19.58. Kate Miffitt made a return appearance and shaved seconds off her previous time to finish in 6:50.60. Newcomer Naomi Yamada rounded out the sub-7 runners in 6:56.63. Aisling Ryan is enthusiastic about running, which is a relatively new sport for her. She didn't finish as fast as last week, but maybe that was because she went for a 4 mile run before the meet!

The second heat also had a big spread of times. First was Joshua Temple in 4:50.47. Constantin Schrieber, who barely missed going under 5 last week, buried that time this week, finishing 2nd in 4:54.29. Ian Knecht was third in 4:55.05. Beth Herndon shaved nearly 8 seconds off her time of last week to be the first woman finisher in 5:17.93. Matt Smith was the second-fastest masters runner today, finishing in 5:24.12.

The fast heat was just that. Fourteen runners, and all but one (and that one barely) finished under 5 minutes. Hunter Adams fought off early challenges by William Appman and Eddie MacMurchy to run away with the win in 4:37.48. Appman was second in 4:42.14 and MacMurchy 3rd in 4:43.51. Andrew Maguire won the masters crown for the day in 4:50.05, taking over two seconds off his previous time.

Runners get a 13 day break to let their track hack clear up and get in a little more fast-twitch training. They'll reconvene on January 27, and there will probably be some faster competition thrown in as well!


Photos by Marty Mazur

Heat 1

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Michael Renz            5:13.79
 2.    Cory Neff               5:43.30
 3.    Kris Keimig             5:52.87
 4.    Tara Murray             5:59.13
 5.    George Dieffenbach      6:06.97 (M)
 6.    Marty Klanchar          6:19.58 (M)
 7.    Dan Guss                6:24.96 (M)
 8.    Kate Miffitt            6:50.60
 9     Naomi Yamada            6:56.63
10     Aisling Ryan            8:44.04

Heat 2

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.   Joshua Temple            4:50.47
 2.   Constantin Schrieber     4:54.29
 3.   Ian Knecht               4:55.05
 4.   Greg Learn               4:56.15
 5.   Andrew Macneil           4:56.88
 6.   Ryan Hogan               4:58.43
 7    Bob Long                 5:02.61
 8.   Van Carren               5:07.55
 9.   Anmol Khurana            5:14.61
10.   Beth Herndon             5:17.93
11.   Greg Larsen              5:20.58
12.   Matt Smith               5:24.12 (M)
13.   Katie O'Regan            5:25.59
14.   Bree Studenka            6:11.75

Heat 3

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Hunter Adams            4:37.48
 2.    William Appman          4:42.14
 3.    Eddie MacMurchy         4:43.51
 4.    Kenny Roman             4:45.74
 5.    Garrett Derringer       4:49.05
 6.    Brian Beatty            4:49.30
 7.    Travis Trego            4:49.75
 8.    Jonathan Fleming        4:49.95
 9.    Andrew Maguire          4:50.05 (M)
10.    Bob Chandler            4:50.74
11.    Sean Dooling            4:51.75
12.    Derek Gerberich         4:52.43
13.    Brian Petraco           4:55.84
14.    Nick Fornicola          5:00.21