June 3, 2012
Colyer Lake

mettle – vigor and strength of spirit or temperament; staying quality

Sixteen runners had the moxie to take on the Treaster Kettle’s scenic out-and-back course on this fine Sunday morning.

Constantin Schreiber finished with a handy lead of 6-plus minutes over the rest of the pack, shaving more than a minute off his 2011 time and well within 2 minutes of the course mark. Scott Etter held off John Fegyveresi by ten seconds to claim second.

In the women’s race, Sarah Farrant eclipsed the field by nearly nine minutes, and sliced 2 ½ minutes off her 2011 time to take first. Diane Swauger and Jean Brownstead finished second and third within two seconds of each other.

The final Tussey Teaser of the season, the Bear Meadows Made-in-the-Shade 7.0 or 10.6 miler, will take place June 24.  On this course you can choose as late as mile 4.5, based on what your system or your mind says (which to heed?), to “go long” or “head for home.”

Two runners have run Teasers 1 through 4 and will be eligible for the grand prize if they complete Teaser #5: Michael Misselwitz and Jeannie Peters. In fact, though it wasn’t a requirement, both Michael and Jeannie also completed Teaser #0, the frosty February unofficial kickoff of the Tussey Teasers series.

Many thanks to Jen Hinkle, Leslei McGonigal, Michelle Salanik and Angie Wallace, of Girls On The Run of Happy Valley, for invaluable assistance, and special thanks to Bob Crowe for managing the entire event. Thanks, too, to Subway, for tasty party subs that were quickly devoured.

Place   Name                  Age Sex   Town               Time
-----   ----                  --- ---   ----               ----
 1      Constantin Schreiber   28   M   State College    1:10:34
 2      Scott Etter            48   M   State College    1:16:53
 3      John Fegyveresi        35   M   State College    1:17:05
 4      Tom Nichols            20   M   State College    1:18:26
 5      Mike Misselwitz        27   M   Bellefonte       1:18:42
 6      Leard Huggins          33   M   State College    1:21:03
 7      Matt Smith             48   M   State College    1:22:13
 8      Wade Renninger         33   M   Bellefonte       1:31:55
 9      Sarah Farrant          39   F   Boalsburg        1:35:11
10      Diane Swauger          36   F   Port Matilda     1:44:05
11      Van Swauger            43   M   Port Matilda     1:44:06
12      Jean Brownstead        38   F   Port Matilda     1:44:07
13      Diane Mayberry         49   F   State College    1:47:22
14      Jeannie Peters         34   F   Warriors Mark    1:57:08