Mid-State Airport, Philipsburg, PA
July 29, 2012

The weather was clear and mild for late July for this first running of the Allegheny Front Trail Run, which drew runners from throughout Pennsylvania as well as Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Ohio, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey and Virginia. The staging point for the race was Mid-State Regional Airport, nestled in the middle of Moshannon State Forest.

Thirty-one runners completed the 12-mile Hemlock Run. Daniel Campbell, of Mount Gilead, Oh., led the men's race, finishing less than a minute ahead of Jamie Johnson, of Lanse. Meira Minard, of State College, took the women's race and seventh overall, two and a half minutes ahead of Rachel Prozan, of McKean.

Seventeen runners completed the 30-mile Seneca Run. Constantin Schreiber, of State College, looked comfortable throughout and cruised in glider-style with arms outstretched in 4:32:55, 22 minutes ahead of Jeff Smucker, of Woodward. Larie Hall, of Bellefonte, was the first woman and 23 minutes ahead of Renee Obert, of Howell, Mich. Hall encountered a friendly stray kitten twice on the way and gave her a lift on her shoulder to the next checkpoint, advising the staff that she'd be adopting it. She named it Seneca.

Several families trekked the 1-mile Blueberry Trail nearby and picked blueberries along the way.

Confusing markings on some adjacent logging roads led a number of runners off course. Signage will be redoubled in the future. Daniel and Clint McCaslin, of Julian, got off course at Shields Dam and ran their own route (including twice through on the Moss Hanne Trail) to cover 28 miles. Justine Jou, of Pittsburgh, was the first woman and 10th overall at mile 8, but got off course within the next mile and ran an alternate route. Bob Hellgren missed the turn at mile 29, ran about 6 more miles, and got a ride back to the finish.

Runners enjoyed post-race meatball subs and blueberry ice cream at race HQ at the airport terminal, as well as massage by local professional Jenefer Nadenicek. Some made their way to The Avondale, in Winburne, for chili and blueberry beer.

Dave Padula provided background on the AFT and his own experience at the pre-race dinner, held on the rooftop of the historic Philips Hotel in nearby Philipsburg.

The AFT Run was only possible through trail work dedication and checkpoint station work by the following individuals:  Todd Valesky of Philipsburg (he was up extra early to help with signs and then made it to the starting line of the Seneca Run!); Ruth Corle of Julian manned the busy Six-Mile Run Road/Shields Dam Road/Clay Mine Road intersection; Don Litten of Philipsburg manned the "Grand Central Station" 5-way intersection, located about 1.2 miles into both runs; Shawn Kirk of Lance provided relief in more ways than one with his "commercial look" post in the middle of the forest, complete with restroom!; Colleen Woodring of Houtzdale worked the North Run/Route 504 Check Point and provided support to those a little off course; Mary Whitehead of Philipburg helped with pre-race hiking checks of the AFT trails, manned the Route 504/ Six-Mile Run Check Point. She also graciously got the meatball subs cooking. Chris Reese of Julian worked the Stage Coach/Route 504 Check Point and then followed runners throughout the remainder of the race on his mountain bike. Following that job, he volunteered for clean-up duty and subsequently re-rode the entire North Run Trail, Ridge Trail, Stage Coach, Smays Trail, taking down the ribbons and signs.

Thanks also to Ben Mazur, President of Alleghenytrailrunners, a running club in South Central PA, Ben drove in before the race to "test" the course and subsequently gave a great review. See the club website for details on the Hemlock course. Also, thanks to the Nittany Valley Running Club for their advertising efforts and getting the word and results out efficiently. Much more prep work went into the event than can be listed here; but we are thankful that all runners had a safe and exciting run.

In addition to race volunteers, thanks are extended to Forestry, Parks, and DCNR. Our Black Moshannon State Park Manager was very helpful in loaning race course equipment. Forestry mowed trails and was "attentive" to participant safety all day!  As someone expressed: "Forestry does a great job of managing the natural resources and rec facilities of our "back yard".

Seneca Run - 30 Miles

 Constantin Schreiber "flies in" to win the Seneca Run at Mid State Regional Airport

Larie Hall was the first woman to complete the Seneca Run


Seneca finishers Todd Tagliaboski and Larie Hall with their mom, and Larie's new kitten, found on the trail, which she's named Seneca

Timing by the Nittany Valley Running Club 

 PLACE   PLACE                    FINISHER                  TIME

    1      OpM  Constantin Schreider, 28, State College, PA
    2    1 M40  Jeff Smucker, 46, Woodward, PA           4:55:10  
    3    1 OpM  Tristan Forney, 28, Williamsport, PA     5:24:10  
    4    2 M40  Jim Smucker, 51, Bird-in-Hand, PA        5:46:58  
    5    2 OpM  Todd Lewis, 37, Altoona, PA              5:50:23  
    6    3 M40  Todd Valesky, 41, Philipsburg, PA        5:50:59  
    7    4 M40  Marvin Hall, 57, State College, PA       6:09:51  
    8    5 M40  Matt Dixon, 42, port matilda, PA         6:20:13  
    9    6 M40  James Maxson, 40, Shinglehouse, PA       6:20:15  
   10    7 M40  Ron Kappus, 52, Milford, NJ              6:39:29  
   11      OpW  Larie Hall, 43*, Bellefonte, PA          7:17:07  
   12    3 OpM  Bernie Holliday, 39, Sarasota, FL        7:35:33  
   13    1 W40  Renee Obert, 46*, Howell, MI             7:40:24  
   14    8 M40  Randy Andrews, 40, Brighton, MI          7:40:24  
   15    9 M40  Todd Tagliaboski, 45, Bellefonte, PA     8:19:39  
   16    1 OpW  Aisling Ryan, 22*, State College, PA     8:34:37  
   17   10 M40  Robert Fox, 48, Duncansville, PA         8:57:21  
* indicates females
2 finishers among Males (no age given)
3 finishers among Men Under 40
10 finishers among Men 40 & Up
1 finishers among Women Under 40
1 finishers among Women 40 & Up
15 male finishers
2 female finishers
17 total finishers

Results by the Nittany Valley Running Club

Hemlock Run - 12 Miles


Jenefer Nadenicek gives Hemlock winner Meira Minard a post-race massage

Timing by the Nittany Valley Running Club 

 PLACE   PLACE                    FINISHER                  TIME

    1      OpM  Daniel Campbell, 47, Mount Gilead, OH    1:42:03  
    2    1 M40  Jamie Johnson, 47, Lanse, PA             1:42:50  
    3    2 M40  Steve Baber, 54, Indianapolis, IN        1:48:50  
    4    1 OpM  Jonathan Sponsler, 15, Clearfield, PA    1:51:34  
    5    2 OpM  Benjamin Mazur, 39, Gallitzin, PA        1:51:36  
    6    3 M40  Andrew Maguire, 42, State College, PA    1:52:05  
    7      OpW  Meira Minard, 39*, State College, PA     1:52:26  
    8    3 OpM  Travis Kagarise, 32, Williamsburg, PA    1:53:28  
    9    1 W40  Rachel Prozan, 42*, McKean, PA           1:55:03  
   10    4 OpM  Brian Johnson, 35, port matilda, PA      1:57:51  
   11    5 OpM  James Ryan, 19, Wilkes-barre, PA         2:11:49  
   12    4 M40  David DeGroote, 54, State College, PA    2:12:27  
   13    5 M40  Daniel Detrich, 60, Hollidaysburg, PA    2:13:59  
   14    6 M40  Steven McAninch, 45, port matilda, PA    2:14:26  
   15    7 M40  Kevin Dietz, 49, port matilda, PA        2:17:28  
   16    6 OpM  Brian Brown, 37, Lewisburg, PA           2:18:15  
   17    7 OpM  Chris Lawther, 26, Lawrence Park, PA     2:21:04  
   18    8 M40  Kendall Jamison, 44, Stone Mountain, GA  2:24:07  
   19    9 M40  Stephen Ast, 55, State College, PA       2:25:54  
   20   10 M40  Dean Capone, 48, State College, PA       2:40:26  
   21    8 OpM  Donnie Rhodes, 35, Altoona, PA           2:40:26  
   22    2 W40  Ellie Guerrero, 47*, Lewisburg, PA       2:42:37  
   23    9 OpM  Sarah Irwin, 30, State College, PA       2:43:20  
   24   10 OpM  Aric Sponsler, 35, Clearfield, PA        2:43:20  
   25    3 W40  Jo Kappus, 52*, Milford, NJ              2:58:32  
   26    1 OpW  Jodie Potter, 36*, Philipsburg, PA       3:03:17  
   27   11 OpM  Jacob Purcell, 33, Julian, PA            3:03:17  
   28    4 W40  Colleen Sheehan, 50*, Altoona, PA        3:04:24  
   29   11 M40  Tim Sheehan, 52, Altoona, PA             3:04:24  
   30    5 W40  Susan Jennings, 51*, Bluemont, VA        3:10:47  
   31    2 OpW  Adriana Reyes, 23*, State College, PA    3:16:56  
* indicates females
2 finishers among Males (no age given)
11 finishers among Men Under 40
11 finishers among Men 40 & Up
2 finishers among Women Under 40
5 finishers among Women 40 & Up
24 male finishers
7 female finishers
31 total finishers