January 17, 2015

What a difference a week makes! Last week's first meet of the 2015 Indoor Mile Series had some good races, particulary for first place in the fast heat. But attendance was low and most of the runners were still working off their Christmas cookies. This week's field was quite a bit bigger, everyone who was here last week improved (sometimes by a lot), and there were several really close finishes, particularly in Heat 2.

In Heat 1, Dale Peterson opened a big early lead. Jake Clements should have started chipping away at it earlier. Clements made up a lot of time, but Peterson finally had more kick left than he looked like he'd have earlier in the race. Peterson won in 5:32.33 and Clements was second in 5:38.38. These two will probably move up a heat next time around. Tara Murray, who missed the first meet, relied on Judd Michael's pacing to run one of her fastest miles. Tara was third in 5:51.11, less than two seconds off her personal best. David Lloyd may have brought up the rear, but his time was 15 seconds faster than last week. David will be going under 7 next time around.

The second heat saw the closest footraces. Andy Maguire traded places with Matt Pennock throughout the race, and going into the last lap, those watching would have laid money on Pennock's youthful kick. But Master Maguire pulled out all the stops to take first in 4:55.47, just 0.04 seconds ahead of Pennock. Nikita Fedkin took 5 seconds off last weeks effort to finish third in 5:09.22. Bob Shafer and Thomas Hanna had another down-to-the-wire footrace, with only 0.08 seconds separating them. And Matthew Strauser was only 0.38 seconds behind them! Mike Renz held off a charging  Mark Fedkin by 0.3 seconds, with Ariane Abadi just a second back.

The fast heat had some runners who wanted to challenge 4:30, at least on their heat sheets. But everybody played nice in the first lap, setting a slow 4:40+ pace. But the competition between Mike Meehan and Dan Craighead heated up as the laps went by. In the end, Meehan took first in 4:35.84, with Craighead second in 4:37.51. John Lacy was a half-second back for third in 4:38.05. Steve Williams is putting in some great masters times this year, and he took about 7 seconds off his time of last week as he finished in 4:52.86 and just missed beating Joe Sullivan by 0.4 seconds.

There'll be no Series meet next week. The third meet will be on Friday, January 30. With an extra week to train hard, there should be some great times posted!

Heat 1

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Dale Peterson           5:32.33
 2.    Jake Clements           5:38.38
 3.    Tara Murray             5:51.11
 4.    Judd Michael            5:51.14 (M)
 5.    Michael Goldfine        6:00.76 (M)
 6.    Anne Balogh             6:09.03
 7.    Joel Kramer             6:11.18
 8.    Marty Klanchar          6:25.44 (M)
 9.    Phil Pillin             6:26.12 (M)
10.    Doug Schunk             6:26.29
11.    Adam Ilgen              6:28.51
12.    Becky Jackson           6:36.75
13.    David Lloyd             7:03.34 (M)

Heat 2

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Andy Maguire            4:55.47 (M)
 2.    Matt Pennock            4:55.51
 3.    Nikita Fedkin           5:09.22
 4.    Matthew Poynton         5:15.56
 5.    Bob Shafer              5:19.67
 6.    Thomas Hanna            5:19.75
 7.    Matthew Strauser        5:20.13
 8.    Michael Renz            5:31.35
 9.    Mark Fedkin             5:32.65 (M)
10.    Ariane Abadi            5:32.71
11.    Matt Smith              5:38.48 (M)
12.    Kaitlyn Johnston        5:41.02
13.    Marissa Fritz           5:43.35
14.    Tony Pszeniczny         5:45.36 (M)
15.    Rita Concannon          5:46.26

Heat 3

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Mike Meehan             4:35.84
 2.    Dan Craighead           4:37.51
 3.    John Lacy               4:38.05
 4.    Mark Puleo              4:40.18
 5.    Sam Kantner             4:41.51
 6.    Eric Marshall           4:44.77
 7.    Jordan Holder           4:45.04
 8.    Tim Flynn               4:48.97
 9.    Peter Lin               4:50.35
10.    Joe Sullivan            4:52.46
11.    Steve Williams          4:52.86 (M)
12.    Richard Reube           4:54.66
13.    Tyler Perdue            4:57.24
14.    Adam Creveling          5:01.10
15.    Stephen Senick          5:02.43
16.    Brad Thompson           5:04.09
17.    Dillon Durnick          5:08.54

M - Indicates Masters (40 and over) runner