February 8, 2020
University Park, PA

The season finale of this year’s Indoor Mile Series saw some great races despite the fact that numbers were down a bit due to the virus that is running around town lately. The ‘fast heat’ of the mile was run first (it’s usually run last) in order to give those runners in that group who would also be running the 3K time to rest up. Nicholas Deamer led from start to finish to easily sew up this year’s Indoor Mile Series title, based on the sum of the best two runs. Nick’s time was 4:32.72. Second was Kirk Mummert in 4:35.65, and third was Matt Balogh in 4:41.55.

In the second heat, Allie Martin, won handily in 5:11.85. This was the fastest women’s time in this year’s Series. Allie won the Series in 2018, but Allie did not run another mile this year, and so was not eligible for a Series title. Second was Jay Kopper in 5:14.50. and third was Doug Schunk in 5:46.69, a personal best for him. Quincey Reese took fourth in 5:52.90, a ten second improvement over her last mile time and enough for her to win the Women’s Open Series title.

In the last heat, Kasey Cicero ran a blistering bell lap to finish first in 5:58.63. Second was Dan Eisenhauer in 6:04.03, and third was taken by Tara Murray in 6:10.01.

The 3K run saw Brian Clark take the race in 9:25.87. Nicholas Deamer was a close second in 9:26.73, while Matt Balogh finished third in 9:34.97. Jaimie Wright set out to break her own record in the 3K. Her goal was to break 11 minutes. That’s 44 seconds a lap. And more than half a minute faster than her record. Ambitious! This year, Jaimie had already sewn up the Masters Women’s mile trophy for this year, so she sat out the mile in order to concentrate on the 3K. Her first 1K was close to the target pace, but she slowed down after that. But Jaimie still ended up crushing her record, finishing in 11:23.9, nearly 13 seconds faster than last year’s mark!

This year’s Predicted Time Contest in the mile was surprisingly close. Phillip Pillin predicted a mile time of 6:39 and ended up finishing in 6:38.73, or 0.27 seconds off. But he barely beat Nicholas Deamer, who had predicted a 4:33 run and finished in 4:32.72. Just a hundredth of a second farther from his prediction than Pillin!

2020 was another good season, with plenty of great runs and a few records set! We’ll see you next year!

pix indoor20 3 wright3k
Jaimie Wright broke her own Indoor Mile Series Women's Masters record in the 3K
Mile Run

 Heat 1

 Place  Name                      Time
 -----  ----                      ----
  1.    Nicholas Deamer          4:32.72    
  2.    Kirk Mummert             4:35.64    
  3.    Matt Balogh              4:41.55    
  4.    Garrett Campbell         4:45.11    
  5.    Mitchell Gray            4:48.44    
  6.    Calvin Pash              4:48.64    
  7.    Ethan Wright             4:55.91    

 Heat 2

 Place  Name                      Time
 -----  ----                      ----
  1.    Allie Martin             5:11.85    
  2.    Jay Kopper               5:14.50    
  3.    Doug Schunk              5:46.69    
  4.    Quincey Reese            5:52.90    
  5.    Scott Anthony            5:58.39 (M)   

 Heat 3

 Place  Name                      Time
 -----  ----                      ----
  1.    Kasey Cicero             5:58.63    
  2.    Dan Eisenhauer           6:04.03 (M)   
  3.    Tara Murray              6:10.01 (M)   
  4.    Jim Sellmer              6:29.96 (M)   
  5.    David Williams           6:35.29 (M)   
  6.    Marty Klanchar           6:35.45 (M)   
  7.    Phillip Pillin           6:38.73 (M)   
  8.    Gillian Russell          6:51.23    
  9.    Darcy Bowman             7:07.14    
 10.    Rich Ciervo              7:38.53 (M)   
 11.    David Lloyd              7:56.67 (M)   

 3K Run

 Place  Name                      Time
 -----  ----                      ----
  1.      Brian Clark            9:25.87    
  2.      Nicholas Deamer        9:26.73    
  3.      Matt Balogh            9:34.97    
  4.      Jay Kopper            11:13.22    
  5.      Jaimie Wright         11:23.90 (MR)   
  6.      Keith Henderson       12:12.50 (M)

(M) Masters Runner
(R) Indoor Mile Series Record