January 21, 2022
University Park, PA

The second meet in the 2022 Indoor Mile Series saw great races, some classic throwdowns, and two Series records broken by the same woman in one race!

In the first heat, Tess Wright, who finished second in her heat in last week’s race, shaved nearly 14 seconds off that time to take first in 5:47.45. Second place went to Lorraine Jasper in 5.49.87. Jasper is a nationally ranked runner in the 60 year age group.  Matt Smith took third in 5:50.37 and lopped four seconds off of his time of last week.

In the second heat, Rio King placed first in 4:53.12. Caeden Smith was a close second in 4:55.97. Those times should land these two in the faster company of the next heat if they return next week. Michael Fisher was third in 5:03.22. Other commendable finishers were Jodi Patterson, who finished in 5:38.26 and took seven seconds off her time of last week, and Maggie Mahoney, who obliterated her previous time by over 26 seconds to finish in 5:26.83. And Sean Devlin turned in the best Men's Masters time of the day in 5:26.64. But the biggest story of Heat 2 was Carly Shea breaking Jaimie Wright’s Women’s Masters record by just 0.03 seconds. Shea completed the mile in 5:35.53. Shea also took the Series record for best two combined times held since 2014 by Meira Minard. Shea's combined time for her two miles this year (so far) is 11:11.89, and she could improve on this if she runs the mile next week. Or she could take a stab at Jaimie Wright's record in the 3K race. Come to the meet and see!

This week's fast heat saw Nicholas Deamer improve his time of the previous week by over two seconds to win the heat in 4:25.88. Deamer’s time also edged Vince Fadale’s top time of last week. Fadale was not at this weeks meet, and if he returns next week it should make for a classic battle. Second place went to Anthony Petrillo in 4:34.09, and third went to Cameron Mallett in 4:35.99.

Next week’s meet is the last of the 2022 Series. The meet will feature the usual three heats of the mile, and a running of the 3K race. Series leaders will have to decide whether they want to improve their Series standing in the mile, which is determined by the sum of a runner’s top two mile times, or to take a stab at the 3K. Some do both! There will also be a Predicted Time contest in the mile, with a prize to the runner who most closely predicts his or her finishing time.

Photos by Marty Klanchar

Lorraine Jasper, nationally ranked 60 year age group runner, took second in Heat 1

Matt Smith (l) was third in Heat 1. Tess Wright (r) was first.

Rio King won the second heat.

Maggie Mahoney (l) took 26 seconds off her effort of last week while Carly Shea (r)  shaved off less than a second, but still grabbed the Series Women's Masters record.

Nicholas Deamer is the man to beat after he won the fast heat.

Heat 1

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
  1    Tess Wright              5:47.45
  2    Lorraine Jasper          5:49.87 (M)
  3    Matthew Smith            5:50.37 (M)
  4    Quincy Reese             5:55.37
  5    Rose Spahn               6:01.44
  6    Ava Crist                6:10.86
  7    Keith Henderson          6:22.00 (M)
  8    Marty Klanchar           6:56.43 (M)
  9    Wilma DePiore            7:16.93
 10    Phil Phillin             7:23.02 (M)

Heat 2

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
  1    Rio King                 4:53.12
  2    Caeden Smith             4:55.97
  3    Michael Fisher           5:03.22
  4    Daniel Strobel           5:03.56
  5    Gabe Renninger           5:09.09
  6    Matthew Visomirski       5:13.68
  7    Ethan Chen               5:24.71
  8    Sean Devlin        5:26.64 (M)
  9    Maggie Mahoney           5:26.83
 10    Joseph Chavez            5:30.11
 11    Carly Shea               5:35.53 (M)(R)
 12    Jodi Patterson           5:38.26
 13    Holly Passetti           5:39.01
 14    Ella Snyder              5:40.59
 15    Milena Velez             6:00.39

Heat 3

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
  1    Nicholas Deamer          4:25.88
  2    Anthony Petrillo         4:34.09
  3    Cameron Mallett          4:35.99
  4    Matthew Balogh           4:36.85
  5    Colson Board             4:39.89
  6    Jason Sammut             4:42.43
  7    Josh Holmes              4:43.18
  8    Jigar Gosalia            4:46.55
  9    Benjamin Wonderling      4:47.34
 10    John Mihalek             4:49.18
 11    Stephen Nalepa           4:50.13
 12    Patrick Driscoll         4:50.34
 13    Zack Mitarotomba         4:52.37
 14    George Nix               4:59.56
 15    David Brown              5:00.62

(M) - Masters Runner
(R) - Series Record