February 4, 2023
University Park, PA
by Marty Mazur

he final meet of the 2023 NVRC Indoor Mile Series was held in conjunction with the Sykes-Sabok Challenge Cup. There was a big field: Over 50 runners in three heats of the mile and one of the 3K run. The fast heat of the mile was run first since many of those runners were also competing in the 3K and would need the rest.

In the fast heat, Series leader Vince Fadale saved his trademark kick for the last quarter mile, but it was not quite enough to beat Nathan Allan, who took first in 4:28.43. Fadale was a close second in 4:28.95, and that time was enough to give him the overall Series win for best two combined times. Third place in the heat went to Tom Thomas in 4:35.21. All seventeen runners in the heat ran sub-5.

The second heat had the top three runners also go under 5. Tim Flynn won in 4:50.12. Second place went to Charles Wood in 4:55.08. Third was Jared Loeper in 4:59.10. The second heat was also the one for the Series leading women. Maggie Mahoney won the heat, her third victory this season, and with that the Series crown. Her time was 5:31.86. She was followed closely by Lexi Ambrogi in 5:32.44. Carly Shea wrapped up the Series Masters Women crown, posting a Series record time for a Masters Women’s Mile of 5:33.47. She broke her own record of last year. Her combined best two times also won her this year’s Series crown, though did not break her year-old record.

In the third heat, Hannah Bauer won in 5:54.01. Second place went to Christopher Sanders in 5:59.04. Scott Anthony took third place in 6:01.82. Two ability athletes participated today. Josh Cone pushed Jeff Coll to a time of 7:16.25, and Scott Etter pushed Jess Stetson to a time of 7:17.42.

There was a Predicted Time Contest associated with this meet’s mile heats. Carli Smith was the best prognosticator, running her mile in 7:29.72, just 0.28 seconds off her predicted time of 7:30. Hannah Ruisi was a close second, being just 0.39 seconds off her predicted time.The 3K race was crowded, and many of the runners were still recovering from their shots at a good mile time. The heat saw another record fall. Carly Shea, who had just run the record Series time for the Masters Women’s Mile, did the same in the 3K, posting a time of  10:56.26, almost a second ahead of her previous record. Maggie Mahoney was the top female finisher, finishing in 10:52.51. The top three male finishers in the race were Tom Thomas in 9:39.98, Westin Boyd in 9:45.83, and Patrick Driscoll in 9:48.77.

Thanks to all for a great showing and another great Series. See you next year!


Vince Fadale (l), overall Men's Series Winner with Nathan Allan (r), the winner of today's fast heat

 Maggie Mahoney sewed up the Women's Series crown with a victory in the second heat


 Tim Flynn turned in the fastest men's time in the second heat


Hannah Bauer, far, right, led field of PSU Cross-Country Club runners to the fastest female time in the third heat


Josh Cone pushed Jeff Coll (l) and Scott Etters pushed Jess Stetson


 Carly Shea was happy to set two Masters Women's Series Records today


Tom Thomas won the Men's 3K


Maggie Mahoney looks pooped after winning the Women's Mile and 3K races

Heat 1

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
  1     Nathan Allen           4:28.43
  2     Vince Fadale           4:28.95
  3     Tom Thomas             4:35.21
  4     Jason Sammut           4:35.32
  5     Caeden Smith           4:38.24
  6     Josh Holmes            4:39.50
  7     John Mihalek           4:39.81
  8     Brian Tholl            4:41.07
  9     Steven Barnard         4:41.80
 10     Cameron Mallette       4:42.99
 11     Patrick Driscoll       4:43.04
 12     Mark Walchinsky        4:43.47 (M)
 13     Stephen Nalepa         4:47.10
 14     Liam Goldsworthy       4:51.21
 15     Joshua Velez           4:51.70
 16     Eric Marshall          4:54.62
 17     Gabe Vanderbrink       4:59.05

Heat 2

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
  1    Tim Flynn               4:50.12    
  2    Charles Wood            4:55.07    
  3    Jared Loeper            4:59.10    
  4    Peter Bandettini        5:16.82 (M)   
  5    Luke Connolly           5:20.30    
  6    Maggie Mahoney          5:31.86    
  7    Lexi Ambrogi            5:32.44    
  8    Carly Shea              5:33.47 (M)(R)    
  9    Tyler Brown             5:35.44    
 10    Chris Catullo           5:35.57    
 11    Holly Passetti          5:41.09    
 12    Matt Smith              5:48.08 (M)    

Heat 3

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
  1    Hannah Bauer            5:54.01    
  2    Christopher Sanders     5:59.04    
  3    Scott Anthony           6:01.82 (M)   
  4    Quincy Reese            6:05.52    
  5    Hannah Ruisi            6:30.39    
  6    Tara Grove              6:34.84 (M)    
  7    Keith Henderson         6:40.46 (M)
  8    Lena Chamberlain        6:51.23    
  9    Marty Klanchar          6:53.27 (M)    
 10    Wilma DePiore           7:10.92 (M)    
 11    Jeff Coll               7:17.25    
 12    Jess Stetson            7:17.42    
 13    Scott Etter             7:17.77 (M)    
 14    Josh Cone               7:17.94    
 15    Phillip Pillin          7:28.61 (M)
 16    Carli Smith             7:29.72 (M)
 17    Rich Ciervo             8:01.93 (M)

3000 Meter Run

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----

  1    Tom Thomas              9:39.98    
  2    Westin Boyd             9:45.83    
  3    Patrick Driscoll        9:48.77    
  4    Stephen Nalepa          9:53.56    
  5    Cameron Mallette        9:54.76    
  6    Jared Loeper           10:22.72    
  7    Caeden Smith           10:25.33    
  8    Charles Wood           10:26.13    
  9    Vince Fadale           10:39.06    
 10    Maggie Mahoney         10:52.51    
 11    Michael Tait           10:55.38    
 12    Jodi Patterson         10:55.40    
 13    Carly Shea             10:56.26 (M)(R)    
 14    Jason Sammut           11:18.30    
 15    Eli Zakarian           11:26.77    
 16    Matt Smith             11:39.10 (M)
 17    Ed Parker              12:02.00  

(M) - Masters Runner
(R) - Series Record