February 4, 2011

The fourth and final meet of the 2012 Indoor Mile Series finished fast and furious. NVRC Open and Master's Record holder Nick Berra made the trip from Harrisburg to defend his crown. After last week's win, his first appearance this year, he needed another showing to keep the crown, since the Series is decided on the basis of two races. Nick cruised to an easy win in 4:34.14 in the fast heat. Paul Grieve was second in 4:44.04, and Constantin Schrieber was third in a season's best 4:47.29. Another pile-up of close finishes followed with Chris Rinschler, Greg Learn, and Andy Cunningham all coming within less than 0.6 seconds of each other just under 4:50.

There were only two heats of the miles, since several mile regulars would be trying their legs on the 3K run. So the "slow heat" wasn't so slow. Beth Herndon renewed her challenge with her friend Greg Larsen, who beat Beth (barely) in last week's race. Beth hung on this week to beat Greg, but both pushed themselves well past their previous best times this year. Herndon won the heat in 5:10.65 and at the same time won the women's crown in this year's Indoor Mile Series. Larson was second in 5:11.91 and Mike Renz was third in 5:14.0. Michael Goldfine and Tara Murray renewed their competition from the first Series Meet. This time, Michael led from the beginning and sounded like a freight train about to blow a gasket as he wheeled around his last lap. Goldfine finished in 5:51.65. Tara tried a valiant charge, making up some ground, but finished nearly 3 seconds behind in 5:54.53. Finishing the heat, Marty Mazur was passed at about 6 laps by Naomi Yamada and she just would NOT let him pass her back. Naomi bested her previous Series time by over 10 seconds and demolished any hope of her winning the Predicted Time Contest. And Aisling Ryan also shaved seconds off her earlier time to finish well under 8:10.

In the 3K race last year's women's champ, Cassi Knight, returned to try to both keep her crown and attain a sub-10 time, a goal which barely eluded her last year. She was up against Katie O'Regan who had posted a good time in the mile a few weeks ago and who also recently finished as the top female in the Berwick Run For The Diamonds. Knight led from the start and looked comfortable at 1500 m, with a time just under 5 minutes. But the last few laps were tough. Cassi hung on for an easy win, but was a few seconds shy of sub-10. Knight finished in 10:02.66. O'Regan was second in 10:27.33. On the men's side, the race was pretty even for the top three spots. Mile Williams led most of the race, but was followed closely by William Appman and not-so-closely by Nate King. But the last couple of laps re-ordered that completely. King came from behind to win in 9:09.94. Williams was second in 9:11.52, and Appman took thirdin 9:13.96.

This year's Predicted Time contest was won by Rob Liebers, whose 5:09.80 finish in the mile was just 0.2 seconds off his predicted time of 5:10.

Full Indoor Mile Series results will be posted soon.



Heat 1

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ---- 
1.    Beth Herndon 5:10.65
2. Greg Larsen 5:11.91
3. Mike Renz 5:14.07
4. Matt Smith 5:25.28 (M)
5. Terry Reid 5:26.95 (M)
6. Cory Neff 5:28.76
7. Michael Goldfine 5:51.65 (M)
8. Tara Murray 5:54.53
9. Bree Studenka 6:06.09
10. Marty Klanchar 6:24.80 (M)
11. Naomi Yamada 6:45.31
12. Marty Mazur 6:46.72 (M)
13. Aisling Ryan 8:08.32

Heat 2

Place Name Time
----- ---- ----
1. Nick Berra 4:34.14 (M)
2. Paul Grieve 4:44.04
3. Constantin Schrieber 4:47.27
4. Chris Rinschler 4:49.06
5. Greg Learn 4:49.37
6. Andrew Cunningham 4:49.63
7. Derek Gerberich 4:50.21
8. Travis Trego 4:50.65
9. Anmol Khurana 5:09.64
10. Robert Liebers 5:09.80 (M)
11. Mark Hawkins 5:12.52 (M)
12. Kevin McClernard 5:19.69

3000 Meter Run

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
1. Nate King 9:09.94
2. Mike Williams 9:11.52
3. William Appman 9:13.96
4. Joshua Temple 9:40.36
5. Andrew MacNeil 9:44.61
6. Cassi Knight 10:02.66
7. Katie O'Regan 10:27.33
8. Michael Renz 10:51.24
9. Matt Smith 10:52.07 (M)
10. Frank Rodenbaugh 11:34.59