January 25, 2013

For the third week in a row, an NVRC Indoor Mile Series record fell, but this time it was a new kid on the block. Will Appman, who had set, then broken, the Club record in the first two meets of the Series was not on the roster for tonight's meets. Appman is participating in the meet as an open competitor in the 5K. Instead, Justin Wager, a grad student who is aiming for a walk-on position with Penn State's track team, took the fast heat and the Club record. But Billy Cvecko gave Wager a race for a good 6 laps. The two lead a ferocious opening lap of 30 seconds, a sub-4 mile pace when you account for the mile start being 9 meters behind the lap line. The pace slowed a bit and the two raced each other closely until Wager turned on the jets for his last couple of laps. Wager's final quarter was close to a minute as he finished in 4:14.36, a new Series record. Cvecko faded, but still turned in a time that would have been a Series record just 3 weeks ago: 4:21.07. Matt Doutt continued to improve, running 4:28.45 to finish third. The entire fast heat of 17 runners was under 5 minutes, with the top 9 all under 4:40.

There were enough runners for three heats for the first time this year. In the middle heat, Tim Flynn, Zach Fuller, and Brad Thompson all finished under 5 minutes to take the first three places, respectively. Peter Lin is probably kicking himself for the kick that failed him as he crossed the line in just over half a second over a 5-minute mile. Megan Hutchinson and Lauren Philbrook put on quite a race, running within elbowing distance for over 6 laps. Hutchinson shook Philbrook to finish strong in 5:08.68. But Philbrook improved considerably from her first outing, crossing the line in 5:10.98 and taking over 5 seconds off her time of two weeks ago.

In the first heat, masters runner Don Bond sandbagged the field and showed he should have been put in the middle heat. Bond ran much stronger than his pre-race estimation and crossed the line in 5:14.46, over half a minute ahead of the rest of the heat. Jaimie Wright missed the strong push of Tara Murray this week. She ran a strong start, but shaved less than a second off her time of two weeks ago, finishing in 5:51.08. Michael Goldfine made his first showing of the year a strong one, but he was not close enough to Wright to make it a sprint to the finish. Goldfine's third place time was 5:54.98. Series Director Marty Klanchar shaved 6 seconds off his previous showing to finish in 6:25.97. And Marty Mazur did a little better at pacing the 7-minute hopefuls. Marty finished in 6:56.68 and the over-7's were a lot closer to him this week. David Lloyd was close enough after his 7:02.25 finish to taste next week's sub-7 already. And Leah Brandt took over 12 seconds off her time of two weeks ago, finishing in 7:11.95 and putting her in a good spot for the final push next week.

The final meet of the Indoor Mile Series will be on Saturday, February 2. The Meet will include heats of the mile and a running of the 3000 meters. You can sign up for both if you're feeling the crazy. And when you sign up for the mile, the time you give Marty Klanchar will be entered for the Predicted Time Contest. Closest guess wins a prize!

Photos courtesy of Mike Casper


Early in Heat 1 Marty Mazur (9) paces the 7-minute hopefuls as Marty Klanchar (7) sets a sub-6:30 pace.


Bill Dixon gives pre-race directions to the fast heat.


Justin Wager after his NVRC Indoor Mile Series record run.


Greg Fredericks was in the audience and took videos of the first two heats.

Heat 1


Heat 2


Heat 1

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Don Bond                5:14.46 (M)
 2.    Jaimie Wright           5:51.08
 3.    Michael Goldfine        5:54.98 (M)
 4.    John Iceland            5:56.63 (M)
 5.    Monica Acosta           5:57.82
 6.    Tyler Frederick         6:00.44
 7.    Ashlee Dere             6:01.78
 8.    Marty Klanchar          6:25.97 (M)
 9.    George Dieffenbach      6:34.18 (M)
10.    Marty Mazur             6:56.68 (M)
11.    David Lloyd             7:02.25 (M)
12.    Leah Brandt             7:11.95

Heat 2

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Tim Flynn               4:53.58
 2.    Zach Fuller             4:57.57
 3.    Brad Thompson           4:58.75
 4.    Peter Lin               5:00.59
 5.    Nick Andreyko           5:01.76
 6.    Megan Hutchinson        5:08.68
 7.    Lauren Philbrook        5:10.98
 8.    Steve Williams          5:17.62 (M)
 9.    Scott Martell           5:18.15
10.    Jeff Barry              5:20.81
11.    Mark Hawkins            5:20.94 (M)
12.    Matt Smith              5:39.08 (M)

Heat 3

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Justin Wager            4:14.36 (R)
 2.    Billy Cvecko            4:21.07
 3.    Matt Doutt              4:28.45
 4.    Daniel Craighead        4:31.72
 5.    David Moyer             4:32.62
 6.    Erich Leiden            4:33.32
 7.    Paul Grieve             4:35.03
 8.    Tim Appman              4:35.64
 9.    Matt Herring            4:39.93
10.    Derek Gerberich         4:40.16
11.    David Nguyen            4:42.66
12.    Bob Long                4:42.91
13.    Kenny Roman             4:45.24
14.    Sean Dooling            4:47.02
15.    Sam Kantner             4:48.48
16.    Kevin McClernand        4:51.19
17.    Ryan Hogan              4:53.15