February 2, 2013

The final meet of the 2013 Indoor Mile Series capped off a string of four consecutive record breaking meets, and left several runners with PRs to add to their scrapbooks. This time it was the women's turn to bask in the limelight. First, in the "slow heat", Ashlee Dere achieved her goal of running sub-6 and then some, swiping a win from Jaimie Wright. Both women set a strong pace and it came down to the final lap kick. Dere crossed the finish line first in 5:47.48. Wright turned in her best time of the Series, finishing second in 5:49.31. Tyler Frederick was third in 5:51.13. Marty Mazur was the pacer for a couple of runners who had been trying all Series to lower their times and eventually run sub-7. Last week, David Lloyd came very close with a 7:02. Leah Brandt was improving, but starting to doubt whether she could lower her time by the 12 seconds she needed to go under 7. As Mazur paced them, he kept looking over his shoulder and seeing Lloyd on his heels with Brandt not far behind. But somewhere in about lap 6, Lloyd's pace slipped, but Brandt's did not. With one lap to go, Mazur drew back along side Brandt  and encouraged her to give it all she had left. And she did! Brandt crossed the line with well over 3 seconds to spare, finishing in 6:56.54. Lloyd was off his pace of last week, ending up with 7:04.05. He spent post-race commisserating with Aisling Ryan, who was just off her goal of sub-8. But both Lloyd and Ryan are justly proud of lowering their times through the season and setting PRs along the way.

In the second heat, four runners finished in under 5 minutes, and one of them was Megan Hutchinson, who in doing so became the new NVRC Indoor Mile Series women's record holder and the first woman to go sub-5 in Series history. Before the race, Marty Mazur broke the news to Hutchinson that she'd have a Series record if she delivered on her estimated 5-minute finish. But that didn't give her a case of pre-race jitters. She had her race planned out and kept a very good pace throughout. At the start of lap 7, just when she started to fall off the necessary pace, she showed she had a kick. Hutchinson threw it in gear and was third across the finish in 4:57.63. Hutchinson also won the Indoor Mile Series with her combined two best times. First in the middle heat was Chris Cipro in 4:53.89, and second was Zach Fuller in 4:56.67. Mike Renz, who recently completed the Tussey 50 Mile Ultra, showed he wasn't too bad at the short stuff, running a solid race in 5:26.72. And Matt Smith improved on his previous Indoor Mile time, finishing in 5:32.21, despite knowing he'd be running the 3K just a few minutes later.

The much anticipated showdown between Will Appman, who broke the Indoor Mile Series record twice in the first two weeks, and Justin Wager, who bettered Appman's mark in Appman's absence in Meet 3, did not occur. Wager was a no-show, leaving Appman running a lonely 8 laps well in front of the pack. Appman broke his own PR, finishing in 4:17.84, but did not take back the Series mile record. Still, he ened up with the overall Series win with the best combined times in two races. Matt Doutt was second in 4:30.06 and Dan Craighead was close behind in 4:30.76.

In the 3000 meter run, Conrad Lippert, a PSU red-shirt ran unattached to the NVRC and easily won the race in 8:51.02. This eclipsed Kelly Fermoyle's Series record time by just over a second. Fermoyle will keep the Club Series record due to Lippert's status. Dave Moyer was second in 9:10.27 and Dan Craighead, who had not even caught his breath yet from his mile run, finished third in 9:24.06. Lauren Philbrook was third in 10:08.66. Matt Smith and Mark Staub, who had also run the mile earlier, both finished with strong runs and despite this, neither required medical attention at the end of the race.

A Predicted Time contest was held in the mile heats and a new record was set that will be hard to beat. Sean Dooling, running in Heat 3, finished his mile in 4:40.03, just 0.03 seconds off his predicted time of 4:40!

Photos by Marty Mazur and Marty Klanchar


Starting lineup for the fast heat. Will Appman had the post posiiton



Will Appman, 2013 Men's Indoor Mile Series Winner and Series Record holder


The start of the second heat included Series record hopeful Megan Hutchinson


Megan Hutchinson, 2013 Women's Indoor Mile Series Winner, Individual Mile, and Series Record holder



The staggered start included over-50 Master Terry Reid (13) and over-50 Mile Ultra Mike Renz (11)




Lauren Philbrook, 2013 Women's Indoor Mile Series 2nd Place and 3000 Meter 1st Place



Leah Brandt was all smiles after achieving her season goal of a sub-7 mile


David Lloyd and Aisling Ryan commisserate after close misses on their season goals. But each had PRs in the process!


Heat 1

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Ashlee Dere             5:47.48
 2.    Jaimie Wright           5:49.31
 3.    Tyler Frederick         5:51.13
 4.    John Iceland            5:56.26 (M)
 5.    Michael Goldfine        6:01.01 (M)
 6.    Marty Klanchar          6:30.93 (M)
 7.    Leah Brandt             6:56.54
 8.    Marty Mazur             6:59.77 (M)
 9.    Mark Staub              7:00.49 (M)
10.    David Lloyd             7:04.05 (M)
11.    George Borovina         7:09.27
12.    Aisling Ryan            8:00.19

Heat 2

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Chris Cipro             4:53.89
 2.    Zach Fuller             4:56.67
 3.    Megan Hutchinson        4:57.63 (R)
 4.    Nick Andreyko           4:59.24
 5.    Steve Williams          5:13.50 (M)
 6.    Michael Renz            5:26.72
 7.    Steve Miller            5:28.24
 8.    Terry Reid              5:30.47 (M)
 9.    Matt Smith              5:32.21 (M)
10.    Laura Ventura           5:41.62

Heat 3

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Will Appman             4:17.84
 2.    Matt Doutt              4:30.06
 3.    Dan Craighead           4:30.76
 4.    Paul Grieve             4:31.20
 5.    Tim Appman              4:37.44
 6.    Matthew Herring         4:39.20
 7.    Derek Gerberich         4:40.79
 8.    Kenny Roman             4:42.77
 9.    Sam Kantner             4:43.30
10.    Sean Dooling            4:44.03
11.    Angel Lazu              4:50.85
12.    Tim Flynn               4:56.49
13.    Kevin McClernand        4:57.39

3000 Meter Run

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Conrad Lippert          8:51.02
 2.    Dave Moyer              9:10.27
 3.    Dan Craighead           9:24.06
 4.    Michael Sutherland     10:05.09
 5.    Lauren Philbrook       10:08.66
 6.    Anne Balogh            11:08.75
 7.    Matt Smith             11:22.10 (M)
 8.    Rich Harter            12:18.99 (M)
 9.    Mark Staub             13:45.85 (M)