January 9, 2016
University Park, PA

The first Indoor Mile Series meets saw quite a few newcomers, as well as old faces, and plenty of great racing. In the first heat, Mike Martin went out strong and led for the first half mile. But he slowed and was overtaken by Kate Remillard, who finished first in just under 6 minutes (5:58.04), and then by Doug Schunk, who finished in just over 6 (6:05.15). Mike grabbed third in 6:08.04. All three runners will be going under 6 as the Series progresses and they get their pacing down. David Lloyd narrowly missed his usual season goal of sub-7 (7:00.87), so he'll be back.

In the second heat, Bob Chandler led most of the race, but faded near the end. Still he was among three sub-5 finishers, with the fastest Masters time of the day. The top three were: Seth Senior in 4:53.18, Matt Dabiero in 4:54.54, and Bob Chandler, in 4:55.22. Josh Cone was 4th in 5:02.86 and will have to come back to go sub-5. Besides Senior, a few of the Rec Hall Regular crowd rounded out the heat, including Bob Shafer, Mike Zimmerman and Mike Renz. 

The fast heat had one runner break 4:30. Will Appman, a Series regular, tore through the last lap to break away from the field and win in 4:26.75. Matthew Beyerle was second in 4:32.03, and Alex Reese (4:34.38) nipped Chris Cipro (4:35.92) to finish 3rd.

The collegiate mile races were held immediately after the NVRC runs. In the women's fast heat, Alisa Harvey, who graduated from college a long time ago, made her attempt to break the W50 American (5:08.65) and World (5:07.32) Indoor Records. Harvey faded from the required pace and finished in just over 5:17, though still ahead of some of the gals less than half her age. In the men's fast heat, Robby Creese obliterated the final lap and ran away from the field to win in 4:06.

The next Series meet is on Saturday, January 16. The first heat is at 11:30. Sign up by Wednesday at 4 PM by emailing Marty Klanchar at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

pix indoor16 1 gameface

Some Heat 2 runners had happy "game faces".

pix indoor16 1 chandler

Bob Chandler, leading most of the race, was eventually overtaken by Seth Senior, next in the picture.

Heat 1

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Kate Remillard           5:58.04
 2.    Doug Schunk              6:05.15
 3.    Mike Martin              6:08.04
 4.    Marty Klanchar           6:24.36 (M)
 5.    Michael Sanzotti         6:36.50 (M)
 6.    Ashley Schrag            6:51.73
 7.    David Lloyd              7:00.87 (M)

Heat 2

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Seth Senior              4:53.18
 2.    Matt Dabiero             4:53.54
 3.    Bob Chandler             4:55.22 (M)
 4.    Joshua Cone              5:02.86
 5.    Art Remillard            5:06.08 (M)
 6.    Noemie Noullet           5:16.76
 7.    Robert Shafer            5:19.22
 8.    Mike Zimmerman           5:19.58
 9.    Mike Renz                5:27.99
10.    John Affleck             5:28.10 (M)
11.    Peter Jackson            5:32.08
12.    Terry Reid               5:39.10 (M)
13.    Rita Marie Concannon     5:43.88
14.    Tari Helmers             6:05.08
15.    Megan Becker             6:44.23

Heat 3

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Will Appman              4:26.75
 2.    Matthew Beyerle          4:32.03
 3.    Alex Reese               4:35.38
 4.    Chris Cipro              4:35.92
 5.    Timothy Appman           4:36.26
 6.    John Balouris            4:39.03
 7.    Rob Meyer                4:40.63
 8.    Danny Williams           4:45.86
 9.    Joshua Velez             4:58.83
10.    Steve Williams           5:01.13 (M)

M - Indicates Masters (40 and over) runner