January 16, 2016
University Park, PA

The second Indoor Mile Series meet featured a new event that will likely be repeated in coming meets. Brett Gravatt is an athlete in Penn State's Ability Athlete program. Gravatt was a starter on Penn State's soccer team until he suffered a paralyzing snowboarding accident just over a year ago. Today, Gravatt took part in a heat of the Indoor Mile, pushing himself in a racing gravity cycle. Douglas Jordan and Timothy Appman, frequent fast heat Indoor Mile Series participants, paced Gravatt through his mile. The three were together for six laps, at which point Jordan pushed the pace to finish in 4:48.17. Timothy Appman ran his last lap hard to cross the line in 4:57.44. Brett Gravatt wheeled across the finish line in just over 5 minutes, in 5:01.17. Five minutes is such a benchmark goal that we're sure Brett will want to come back and take another shot at it.

In Heat 1, three runners came very close to what for at least some is a season goal. Anuj Goradia led most of the race, then fell off the pace, only to put on a ferocious kick and catch Doug Schunk on the last straight, finishing just over 6 minutes in 6:00.80. Schunk ran a new PR to finish 2nd in 6:02.19. And Mike Martin came 6 seconds closer to 6 minutes by finishing just behind Schunk in 6:02.75. Also notably, David Lloyd took nearly 10 seconds off his time of last week to finish well under his usual season goal of 7:00. Time to up the ante and shoot for 6:45!

In Heat 2, Josh Cone led most of the race and had a sub-5 pace going, but ran out of gas and was passed in the end by Adam Creveling, who finished in 5:07.52. Cone's time of 5:07.82 was nearly 5 seconds off his time of last week, and you could see the frustration. We just know he'll be back to have another whack at sub-5. Mike Zimmerman and Costas Maranas can probably give Josh a few pointers on pacing. Those two were on each other's shoulders until the last straight, ticking off 40 second laps with metronome accuracy. Zimmerman's younger legs got him to the finish line with a great kick in 5:15.02. Maranas came across in 5:17.19. Jo Ohm had the fastest women's time of the day with 5:42.13.

The fast heat had a great back and forth as well. Kinesiology grad student Dan Craighead is back from an injury and improving weekly. Craighead led most of the race, but had Chris Cipro practically glued to him. Cipro passed Craighead in the last quarter, but Craighead responded to win the heat in 4:34.03. Cipro was second in 4:36.07 and Rob Meyer was third in 4:39.25. Bob Chandler had the fastest Masters time of the day again, beating his time of last week by about two-and-a-half seconds finishing in 4:52.85. There were three other pairs of close finishers, so lots of great racing to watch.

There's a break in the Indoor Mile Series next weekend. The Series returns the following week, this time on a late Friday afternoon. The Series Meet #3 will start the two-day Penn State National Meet, Penn State's biggest indoor meet of the season. Sign up by Wednesday, January 27.

pix indoor2 16 ability

Douglas Jordan and Timothy Appman pace Ability Athlete Brett Gravatt.

pix indoor2 16 anuj

Anuj Goradia, Doug Schunk, and Mike Martin, early in the race. They finished in the same order, but not before a bit of back and forth.

pix indoor2 16 thumbs

Jo Ohm, poster child for Indoor Mile enthusiasm! Rita Marie Concannon and Robert Liebers caught some of that vibe, too. Jo had the fastest women's time in this Series meet. 

pix indoor2 16 twins

Mike Zimmerman (l) and Costas Maranas (c) were just this inseparable for most of their mile heat.

Ability Athlete Heat

Name                      Time
----                      ----
Douglas Jordan           4:48.17
Timothy Appman           4:57.44
Brett Gravatt            5:01.17 (*)

Heat 1

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Anuj Goradia             6:00.80
 2.    Doug Schunk              6:02.19
 3.    Mike Martin              6:02.75
 4.    Rob Brawley              6:10.25 (M)
 5.    Clare Gervino            6:20.55
 6.    Marty Klanchar           6:23.62 (M)
 7.    Thomas Marino            6:26.50
 8.    Abbie Letts              6:35.43
 9.    Megan Becker             6:38.37
10.    David Lloyd              6:51.40 (M)

Heat 2

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Adam Creveling           5:07.52
 2.    Josh Cone                5:07.82
 3.    Mike Zimmerman           5:15.02
 4.    Costas Maranas           5:17.19 (M)
 5.    Robert Liebers           5:21.91 (M)
 6.    Johanna Ohm              5:42.13
 7.    Rita Marie Concannon     5:45.24

Heat 3

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Dan Craighead            4:34.03
 2.    Chris Cipro              4:36.07
 3.    Rob Meyer                4:39.25
 4.    Raymond Friend           4:45.53
 5.    Brian Petraco            4:50.64
 6.    Skyler Scholl            4:50.82
 7.    Tyler Perdue             4:52.61
 8.    Bob Chandler             4:52.85 (M)
 9.    Aaron Seip               4:55.21
10.    Matt Dabiero             4:55.44
11.    Jordan Holder            5:02.41
12.    Ian Dietrich             5:07.86

* - Ability Athlete
M - Indicates Masters (40 and over) runner