February 5, 2017
Rothrock State Forest

A band of enthusiastic runners kicked off the 2017 Tussey Teasers series Feb. 4 on the Tussey mOUnTaiNBACK course. The six run series continues through June 18. This run is billed as “Teaser #0.” Runners who complete Teasers #1-5 (beginning March 4) are eligible for a grand prize. Those who complete all six runs earn a bonus prize.

At the seventh year of this run, there was sun overhead to make chilly conditions a smidge milder and a nice trifecta underfoot. The first third of the out-and-back route was clear, followed by a mile of packed snow with bits of pavement and ice, and the final part on the unmaintained part of Boal Gap Road had tire tracks but was still snow covered.

Patrick Singletary paced the leaders, followed by Andy Maguire and Andy Cunningham. The women’s field saw Carole Dudukovich and Meira Minard finish first, followed by Deb Battaglia in third.

Kyra Sciaudone posted her first 10K race ever, also a nice milestone for early in the year.

Thanks to Subway for post-run party sandwiches to celebrate victory over the elements.

The next Tussey Teaser is on March 4, the Laurel Run Switchbacker 10K, an out and back on Leg 1 of the mOUnTaiNBACK course. Typically there is a good bit of snow and ice coverage on the Laurel Run Road switchbacks.

pix teaser0 17.subway

Subway is a continuing sponsor of the Tussey Teasers

pix teaser0 17 cunningham

Andy Cunningham heads for home on Boal Gap Road

pix teaser0 17 winners

Patrick Singletary, overal men's winner. shares the spotlight with the women's top two, Meira Minard and Carole Dudukovich (tie for first place)



Place    Name                  Age  Sex  Town                  Time
—————    ————                  ———  ———  ————                  ————
    1    Patrick Singletary     51   M   State College          39:09
    2    Andy Maguire           46   M   State College          40:03
    3    Andy Cunningham        38   M   State College          40:19
    4    Josh Cone              34   M   State College          41:19
    5    Steve Morgan           22   M   State College          42:52
    6    Radu Roiban            42   M   State College          43:13
    7    Lance Babb             28   M   State College          43:48
    8    Carole Dudukovich      49   F   Port Matilda           44:40
    9    Meira Minard           43   F   State College          44:40
   10    Alan Eifrig            37   M   State College          45:00
   11    Drew Funk              31   M   State College          46:00
   12    Josh Litovsky          24   M   State College          46:46
   13    Michael Zimmerman      36   M   State College          47:05
   14    Dan Coughlin           39   M   State College          47:15
   15    Evan Bresler           33   M   State College          48:08
   16    Steve Baird            39   M   State College          49:25
   17    Deb Battaglia          49   F   Boalsburg              54:36
   18    Chuck Kreger           46   M   Boalsburg              54:37
   19    Leslie McGovern        52   F   Pine Grove Mills       56:17
   20    Aaron Straley          45   M   Port Matilda           56:19
   21    Kyra Sciaudone         23   F   Boalsburg              56:54
   22    Adam Ilgen             29   M   State College          59:15
   23    Lorella Thomas         53   F   Boalsburg            1:00:21
   24    Carolyn Gardner        40   F   State College        1:00:39
   25    Marvin Hall            62   M   State College        1:01:04
   26    Marcy Milhomme         40   F   State College        1:02:03
   27    Jodie Potter           41   F   Philipsburg          1:02:38
   28    David Lloyd            46   M   State College        1:02:38