April 9, 2017
Rothrock State Forest

It was in the low 40s as cars met just after 8 at Whipple Dam to leave cars for the carpool back to the start, but at Tussey Mountain it was already feeling like Spring.

As a longer run relatively early in the season, this teaser is a good test of the Rothroxie Moxie Factor, and the runners on hand were clearly up for it.

Andy Cunningham cruised in for the win, but not without someone in a vehicle trying to ask him directions to somewhere. How often do you have to say, “Sorry, but I’m running a race”?

Josh Litofsky was only a couple minutes behind, and finishing close on his heels was Dan Barker.

In the women’s race, three that have been demonstrating their fortitude finished together, Carole and Tia Dudukovich and Meira Minard.

Honorable mention goes to Litofsky, who ran the same route in the reverse direction from Whipple Dam as an 11-mile warmup, in time for a 5 minute pause before the formal start.

Several runners improved their times over last year’s run, including Steve Baird and Kate Clancy (4+ minutes faster), Vanda Mikóné Hurnyi (18 seconds faster), and Seth Volpe (7+ minutes faster).

Many thanks to series sponsor Subway Restaurants for the party sub, which helped motivate some of the participants to hang tough to the finish line.

Those who run Tussey Teasers #1 through #5 (February’s Teaser #0 was a bonus) will be eligible for a special prize drawing that will take place after Teaser #5, the June 18 Eager Seeger Half Marathon.

The next Tussey Teaser, on May 13, is the only local race with age- and gender-graded results and awards, the Beidleheimer Sidewinder 10K, featuring also a team competition, tech shirts, a bus ride to the starting line, and a net-elevation-loss, run on Leg 4 of the Tussey mOUnTaiNBACK course, but in reverse, with finish on Whipple Dam beach road. You can visit now to sign up!

pix tussey2 17 start

Runners take in the bright sunshine before the start

pix tussey2 17 josh

 Josh Litofsky completes a 22-mile run at the finish

 pix teaser2 17 barker

 Dan Barker celebrates reaching the finish

pix tussey2 17 kyra

Kyra Sciaudone toughs it out to the finish

pix tussey2 17 winners

Winners Andy Cunningham and Les Trois Graces, Carole and Tia Dudukovich and Meira Minard


Overall Order of Finish

Place First            Last        Age  Sex Town                Time
————— —————            ————        ———  ——— ————                ————
 1    Andy             Cunningham   38   M  Port Matilda       1:14:59
 2    Josh             Litofsky     24   M  State College      1:17:45
 3    Dan              Barker       23   M  State College      1:18:22
 4    Dale             Reichender   51   M  Malibu, CA         1:22:04
 5    Austin           Boyle        33   M  Lemont             1:24:16
 6    Carole           Dudukovich   50   F  Port Matilda       1:24:22
 7    Tia              Dudukovich   26   F  Port Matilda       1:24:22
 8    Meira            Minard       43   F  State College      1:24:23
 9    Evan             Bressler     33   M  State College      1:26:56
10    Philip           Pryor        25   M  State College      1:29:12
11    Leslie Fedon     Harrison     53   F  Virgina Beach, VA  1:30:01
12    Steve            Baird        39   M  State College      1:30:43
13    Tari             Elkin        28   F  State College      1:32:06
14    Kevin            Ermol        45   M  Bellefonte         1:32:27
15    Aaron            Straley      45   M  Port Matilda       1:32:47
16    Matt             Smith        51   M  State College      1:33:26
17    Jim              Maras        55   M  State College      1:35:10
18    Kate             Clancy       24   F  State College      1:39:50
19    Gar              Hong         38   M  Boalsburg          1:42:04
20    Seth             Volpe        34   M  Hollidaysburg      1:44:49
21    Nicole           Nahmod       24   F  State College      1:44:54
22    Kyra             Sciaudone    23   F  Boalsburg          1:47:47
23    Samantha         Weaver       44   F  Jersey Shore       1:51:10
24    Vanda Mikóné     Hurnyi       39   F  Boalsburg          1:52:00
25    David            Lloyd        46   M  State College      1:59:08
26    Mark             Meredith     38   M  Pittsburgh         2:01:20