February 2, 2018
University Park, PA

Photos courtesy of John Balogh.

The final Indoor Mile Series meet of the season saw two Series records broken: the women's mile record, freshly set just 3 was broken by a newcomer to the Series, and the men's masters 3K records was crushed.

The first heat of the evening's running featured ability athletics, with Josh Cone pushing Jeff Coll and Meira Minard pushing Jessica Stetson through 8 laps. The pace was good and accelerated throughout, with Jeff and Jessica crossing the line in nearly identical times.

The seconds heat saw Erica Pitcavage continuing to improve her mile time, leading start to finish to win in 5:58.62.Grace McStravock was second in 6:02.81, and Clare Gervino was third in 6:12.05.

In the third heat, Ian Adams, who should have run in the last heat, easily outpaced the field to win in 4:50.31. Bob Shafer made a valiant, but late effort to go under 5, finishing second in 5:01.57. Harriet Smith improved her season best time to finish third in 5:08.97

The fast heat had a lot on the line. In the mens Series competition, there was mere hundredths of a second separating the leaders going into toonight's race. Mark Puleo won the race in 4:28.26, securing a Series victory with a combine best-two time of 9:01.69. Andrew Hanna was second in the mile in 4:29.64 but out of the running in the Series. Ben Hietsch's 4:29.79 was good for third. And the women's series leader, Allie Martin, would face some tough competition from a newcomer to the Series. Mark Puleo won the race in a season best Series time of 4:28.26. Andrew Hanna was second in 4:29.64, and Ben Hietsch was third in the race in 4:29.79. The other two top Series finishers were Matt Balogh (9:02.01) and Chris Cipro (9:02.82). Those two had finished just behind the top 3 in today's race, in 4:30 and change.

Michelle Sikes is a new faculty member at Penn State. She was a nationally ranked collegiate runner in the late 2000s and is getting back into the running scene. Sikes set a new standard for the Indoor Mile Series by taking the women's single race record in 4:46.17. The previous record of 4:55.64 had been set just a few weeks ago by Allie Martin. Martin raced today and nearly equaled her mark, running 4:55.98. Allie took Series honors with her combined best two times (and also the Series record).

The 3000 meter race was packed with talent. Eight runners went under 10 minutes, with Matt Beyerle finishing first in 9:17.38. Dave Rasmussen put on a very strong kick, but started it about a hundred yards too late. Rasmussen was second in 9:20.08, but had been behind third place finisher Josh Velez (9:22.40) at the start of the bell lap. Jeff Miller, who was fourth, took the Men's Masters Series Record, lowering it by over 9 seconds and finishing fourth in 9:28.02.

The Predicted Mile Contest was won this year by Chris Cipro, who predicted a 4:30 finish and crossed the line in 4:30.51.

Meira Minard with Jessica Stetson and Josh Cone with Jeff Coll

Michelle Sikes, new NVRC women's Indoor Mile record holder.

Indoor Mile

Heat 1 (Ability Athletes)

Place  Name                                Time
-----  ----                                ----
 1.    Jeff Cohl and Josh Cone            7:48.68
 2.    Jessica Stetson and Meira Minard   7:48.86

Heat 2

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Erica Pitcavage          5:58.62
 2.    Grace McStravock         6:02.81
 3.    Clare Gervino            6:12.05
 4.    Morgan Austin            6:12.66
 5.    Marty Klanchar           6:22.99 (M)
 6.    Madeline Margevicius     6:24.18
 7.    Marc Burns               6:46.30 (M)

Heat 3

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Ian Adams                4:50.31
 2.    Bob Shafer               5:01.57
 3.    Harriet Smith            5:08.97
 4.    Baylee Robey             5:19.73
 5.    Mike Renz                5:23.26 (M)
 6.    Isaac Messner            5:27.28
 7.    Matt Smith               5:47.97 (M)
 8.    Doug Schunk              5:48.16
 9.    Rita Concannon           5:48.20

Heat 4

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Mark Puleo               4:28.26
 2.    Andrew Hanna             4:29.64
 3.    Ben Hietsch              4:29.79
 4.    Matthew Balogh           4:30.42
 5.    Chris Cipro              4:30.51
 6.    Raymond Friend           4:32.97
 7.    Michelle Sikes           4:46.17 (R)
 8.    Sean Theoclitus          4:53.20
 9.    Ryan Clark               4:53.29
10.    Allie Martin             4:55.98
11.    Adam Creveling           5:15.92

3000 Meter Run

Place  Name                      Time
-----  ----                      ----
 1.    Matt Beyerle             9:17.38
 2.    David Rasmussen          9:20.08
 3.    Josh Velez               9:22.44
 4.    Jeff Miller              9:28.02 (MR)
 5.    Raymond Friend           9:36.39
 6.    Chris Cipro              9:40.12
 7.    Matt Guenter             9:44.82
 8.    Matt Balogh              9:55.05
 9.    Shundai Li              10:00.11 (M)
10.    Brody McElwain          10:05.96
11.    Josh Litofsky           10:06.79
12.    Baylee Robey            10:15.74
13.    Mike Renz               11:35.29 (M)
14.    Matt Smith              11:58.64 (M)

R - Indicates Indoor Mile Series Record
M - Indicates Masters (40 and over) runner