February 3, 2018
Rothrock State Forest

Sunshine, single-digit temps and light winds, with a frozen lake as backdrop, welcomed a gaggle of stalwart runners to kick off the 2018 Tussey Teasers Series. Some ice remained on shaded sections of Boal Gap Road, but the rest of the route, including the unmaintained mile of Boal Gap, was dry as a bone.

Dan Barker finished first, and Harriet Smith was first woman. Several runners did an out and back on Treaster Kettle Road (Leg #11 of the mOUnTaiNBACK course) as a warmup before this run.

Marvin Hall celebrated at end with a slide out on the frozen Colyer Lake. A hearty Subway party sub was happily consumed afterward by numerous smiling finishers. The next time we race from here we’ll be in the heat of summer.

The next Tussey Teaser is the Laurel Run Switchbacker 10K, on March 3, at Tussey Mountain. For the rest of the series schedule and a link to the waiver, visit http://tusseymountainback.com/events/tussey-teasers.

Tussey Teasers Series Note: All runners who complete Teaser #1 through Teaser #5 will be eligible for a grand prize to be awarded at the end of Teaser #5, the Eager Seeger Half Marathon (June 17). Those who also completed this run, Teaser #0, will earn a special bonus.

pix teaser0 18 start 

Runners gathered for the start

pix teaser0 18 group1

Josh Litofsky, Brian Thiede, Meira Minard and Dan Coughlin were among several runners who tacked on this run as part two of their morning jaunt

pix teaser0 18 pinks

Regina Lozinski and Diane Swauger on the way out on Boal Gap Road

pix teaser0 18 orange

 Race winner Dan Barker led the way on the way back down Boal Gap Road

pix teaser0 18 subs

 Steve Baird and Dan Barker enjoy a hard earned bite of Subway party sub, with frozen Colyer Lake as backdrop

pix teaser0 18 icelake

Marvin Hall enjoys a post-race romp on the lake

pix teaser0 18 done

A good day for a group run at the lake

Overall Order of Finish

Place First Name  Last Name         City            State  Sex Age    Time
----- ----------  ---------         ----            -----  --- ---    ----
  1   Dan         Barker            Belleville        PA    M   24    39:51
  2   Steven      Morgan            State College     PA    M   24    43:10
  3   Dan         Coughlin          State College     PA    M   41    43:11
  4   Harriet     Smith             State College     PA    F   24    43:23
  5   Mike        Zimmerman         State College     PA    M   37    43:48
  6   Lincoln     Kennedy           Lancaster         PA    M   25    44:02
  7   Alan        Effrig            State College     PA    M   38    44:12
  8   Meira       Minard            State College     PA    F   44    44:22
  9   Josh        Litofsky          State College     PA    M   21    44:22
  10  Brian       Thiede            State College     PA    M   30    44:22
  11  Evan        Bresler           Penna Furnace     PA    M   34    45:13
  12  Jason       Spicher           State College     PA    M   25    47:43
  13  Judd        Michael           Lemont            PA    M   55    47:43
  14  Doug        Shunk             State College     PA    M   31    47:43
  15  Jo          Ohm               State College     PA    F   26    48:22
  16  Steve       Baird             State College     PA    M   40    48:37
  17  Erica       Pitcavage         State College     PA    F   28    49:22
  18  Jim         Sellmer           Port Matilda      PA    M   56    49:41
  19  Jeff        Schiesler         Port Matilda      PA    M   62    50:52
  20  Sharon      Lupo              Penna Furnace     PA    F   43    52:05
  21  Amanda      Pighetti-Marshall Warriors Mark     PA    F   35    53:05
  22  Diane       Swauger           Port Matilda      PA    F   41    53:59
  23  Lindsay     Hahn              Millerstown       PA    F   41    56:01
  24  James       Hahn              Millerstown       PA    M   40    56:01
  25  Regina      Lozinski          Port Matilda      PA    F   38    55:26
  26  Brian       Brown             Lewisburg         PA    M   43    55:51
  27  Carolyn     Gardner           State College     PA    F   41    57:17
  28  Marvin      Hall              State College     PA    M   63  1:04:26