June 16, 2018
Boalsburg, PA
by Mike Casper

Cooler temps reigned on Academy Street for the 8 a.m. start of this classic race.

This year’s event saw runners from age 5 to 88 toe the line for the early morning tour of the Village of Boalsburg.

Alan Effrig held off Hiro Homada (aka Matt Smith) by 4 seconds for the men’s win, with Matthew Shupenko taking third.

The women’s race also had a close finish, with Amy O’Donnell crossing the line first, edging out Susana Quiros by just 4 seconds and Emily Southmayd by 5 seconds as they claimed second and third, respectively.

Three master’s runners, one of them over 50, finished in the top ten.

In the uppermost age category represented, Carl Miller, 82, was banking on Arnold Gasche, 88, easing up in the final strides to overtake him, but it was not to happen.

Several runners improved their times from last year, including Matt Shupenko, Rich Rickley, Arnold Gasche, and Lisa Reyes.

The post-race breakfast of piping hot hotcakes served up by veteran chefs Lance Bland and David Beyerle was well received by the hungry crowd. Numerous drawing prizes were handed out, donated by area businesses, including many shops located near the race course in Boalsburg: A Basket Full, Bella di Vita, De-Stress Station, Elaine’s on Main, Mount Nittany Winery, Riley on Main, Seven Mountains Wine Cellars, TriYoga and Kerri Zelman. Additional donors included Rapid Transit Sportswear, Appalachian Outdoors, Wegmans, Giant Foods, Weis Markets, Rita’s, Happy Valley Refreshments, and the Lions Community Hall.

Many thanks to Judd and Davis Michael, Ann Van Kuren and Evan Casper for assistance with hall setup and packet prep. Thanks to Susan Beyerle for race day registration and breakfast assistance, to Adam Ilgen for serving the runners at the water station, and to many runners for the after-event cleanup. A big thank-you to Marcy Milhomme for breakfast assistance and finish line photos. Additional thanks to Davis Michael for dedicated finish line assistance.

Proceeds support the professional performances and original educational programs of VanDance, the local modern dance company. This weekend: VanDance will be presenting several performances as part of the inaugural Central PA Theatre & Dance Fest, Friday through Sunday, June 22-24. The following link has the daily schedule plus the "2018 Schedule” drop down has event descriptions, workshop descriptions, and other events: https://centralpatheatre.com/2018-schedule/

You can visit VanDance’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=vandance%20inc and reach out via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out about upcoming community workshops, classes and performances. Donations can be sent to: VanDance Inc., 103 E. Hamilton Ave., State College, PA 16801.

See you all next year!

pix COD 18 effrig                                                             Alan Effrig outpaced Matt Smith to take the win.

pix COD 18 odonnell Amy O’Donnell pushed to the finish to win the women’s race.

pix COD 18 smith Matt Smith gave his all to the final stride.

pix COD 18 shupenko
Matthew Shupenko finished strong to claim third place.

Overall Order of Finish

Place  First     Last          Age Sex Town              State  Time
-----  -----     ----          --- --- ----              -----  ----   
1      Alan      Effrig         39  M  State College       PA   20:20
2      Matt      Smith          52  M  State College       PA   20:24
3      Matthew   Shupenko       39  M  Port Matilda        PA   22:06
4      Adam      Abruzzini      31  M  Bellefonte          PA   22:13
5      Amy       O'Donnell      33  F  Ebensburg           PA   23:26
6      Susana    Quiros         35  F  State College       PA   23:30
7      Emily     Southmayd      25  F  State College       PA   23:31
8      Steve     Baird          40  M  State College       PA   24:58
9      Rich      Rickley        47  M  Lemont              PA   25:41
10     Lui       Carvion        11  F  State College       PA   26:06
11     Amy       Rumbel         44  F  State College       PA   26:18
12     Ben       Garland        21  M  State College       PA   27:29
13     Evan      Casper         12  M  State College       PA   27:35
14     Arielle   Sargent        28  F  State College       PA   28:22
15     Kathleen  Shupenko       35  F  Port Matilda        PA   28:54
16     Casey     Marfitt        22  F  PA Furnace          PA   28:59
17     Rebecca   Pugliese       33  F  State College       PA   29:41
18     John      Hook           58  M  State College       PA   29:50
19     Greg      Hubler         53  M  Morrisdale          PA   30:09
20     David     Lloyd          48  M  State College       PA   30:11
21     Corey     Marfitt        20  F  PA Furnace          PA   30:42
22     John      Johnson        64  M  State College       PA   31:15
23     Alexis    Ropelewski     15  F  Zelienople          PA   32:00
24     Wendy     Abruzzini      37  F  Bellefonte          PA   33:23
25     Dana      Wilcox         34  F  State College       PA   33:44
26     Debra     Saylor         36  F  Bellefonte          PA   33:44
27     Jeannie   Moriarta       49  F  State College       PA   34:04
28     Jessica   Hook           23  F  State College       PA   35:35
29     Clarisa   Brindley       44  F  Philipsburg         PA   36:41
30     Sandra    Del Pilar      45  F  State College       PA   37:46
31     Carolina  Pulidu         45  F  State College       PA   37:46
32     Colleen   Rogers         29  F  Howard              PA   38:25
33     Shelley   Strouse        40  F  Howard              PA   38:27
34     Arnold    Gasche         88  M  State College       PA   40:12
35     Brittany  Archer         32  F  Brisbin             PA   40:21
36     Carl      Miller         82  M  Bellefonte          PA   40:24
37     Linda     Brown          65  F  Julian              PA   41:05
38     Lisa      Reyes          47  F  State College       PA   41:58
39     Emily     Davis*         5   F  Port Matilda        PA   48:10
40     Tammy     Ropelewski     46  F  Coalport            PA   52:58
     *unofficial time - partial course