February 1, 2020
Rothrock State Forest, PA

Mild winter temps, ice on the lake, but largely clear roads under foot greeted runners for the kickoff run of the 2019 Tussey Teasers Series. Bear Gap Road had dry footing all the way to the unmaintained section, which was more icy than snowy with all the recent thaws.

Mark Puleo put a wrap on it about a minute ahead of Michael Reeks, with Bob Shafer in third. Amy Puleo was the first woman finisher. Amy paced it in with Mike Renz, not quite racing it, only to discover that she was within 37 seconds of breaking the course record. Christina Gehring and Deborah Battaglia took second and third.

Several runners put in additional miles before and after the run, including taking the loop trail around Colyer Lake, which was very runnable today.

The next run of the six-event Tussey Teasers series is the Laurel Run Switchbacker 10K, set for Leap Day, Feb. 29, at Tussey Mountain. For the series schedule and a link to the waiver, visit http://tusseymountainback.com/events/tussey-teasers. All six of the series runs are free and include timing and water. Post-run fare courtesy of Subway Restaurants adds a refueling detail to each run of the series.

Tussey Teasers Series Note: All runners who complete Teaser #1 through Teaser #5 will be eligible for a grand prize to be awarded at the end of Teaser #5, the Eager Seeger Half Marathon, on June 16. Those who also completed this run, Teaser #0, will earn a special bonus.



Runners were ready to tackle the almost-always icy section of the course on Bear Gap Road 

 Michael Reeks, Mark Puleo and Nick Bastian set the pace on the way out.

Michael Reeks took second, just a few steps ahead of Bob Shafer at the finish.

Mike Renz and Amy Puleo dueled it out in the final steps

This run is just around the corner from home for Deborah Battaglia

Linda Puder was delighted to be wrapping her first 10K in a few years

Overall Order of Finish

Place  First       Last           City                   State  Sex  Age    Time
-----  ---       ----           ----                   -----  ---  ---    ----
  1    Mark        Puleo          State College            PA    M    23    39:39
  2    Bob         Shafer         Bellefonte               PA    M    38    40:35
  3    Michael     Reeks          Lewisburg                PA    M    28    40:39
  4    Patrick     Singletary     State College            PA    M    54    40:55
  5    Nick        Bastian        State College            PA    M    23    41:12
  6    Amy         Puleo          State College            PA    F    24    42:40
  7    Mike        Renz           State College            PA    M    43    42:41
  8    Brian       Garthwaite     Lewisburg                PA    M    40    45:49
  9    Colin       Nitroy         State College            PA    M    26    46:37
 10    Dean        Capone         State College            PA    M    55    47:59
 11    Judd        Michael        Lemont                   PA    M    56    49:07
 12    Kevin       Clair          State College            PA    M    37    49:48
 13    Evan        Bresler        PA Furnace               PA    M    36    50:13
 14    Christina   Gehring        Lewisburg                PA    F    41    50:47
 15    Jim         Sellmer        Port Matilda             PA    M    58    51:23
 16    Keith       Henderson      State College            PA    M    55    51:46
 17    Deborah     Battaglia      Centre Hall              PA    F    52    53:09
 18    Laura       Van Velsor     Julian                   PA    F    38    56:31
 19    Jim         Maras          State College            PA    M    58    57:26
 20    Alicia      Leitch         Centre Hall              PA    F    29  1:01:14
 21    Jacob       Gordon         Huntingdon               PA    M    31  1:01:29
 22    David       DeGroote       Pittsburgh               PA    M    61  1:04:10
 23    Jaeson      Koszarsky      Boalsburg                PA    M    48  1:06:59
 24    Marvin      Hall           State College            PA    M    65    EM*
 25    Brian       Brown          Lewisburg                PA    M    45  1:08:07
 26    David       Lloyd          State College            PA    M    49  1:09:05
 27    Linda       Puder          Boalsburg                PA    F    59  1:14:58
 28    Tracy       Richardson     Boalsburg                PA    F    41  1:16:40
 29    Eliza       Gabel          State College            PA    F    28  1:21:19
 30    Fiona       Koszarsky      Boalsburg                PA    F    38  1:21:37
 31    Laura       Egan           Boalsburg                PA    F    28  1:21:42

* Ran extra miles