Route: First Night Resolution Run 5K Race Course
Mileage:  5 kilometers, or 3.1 miles.
Hillage: Long flat stretches interspersed with two moderate climbs and two downhills. The final downhill, near the end of the race, is a great boost for your final kick.

Total elevation change: 100 ft.
Average Grade: 2%. Notable hills:

The stretch of Burrowes Rd. between Pollock Rd. and Curtin Rd. is a moderate uphill (3.5% grade).  The short stretch on Fraser Rd. ascending to Curtin Rd is also about 3.5%. The descent on Bigler Rd. is close to 4%. The long (½-mile) final downhill on Shortlidge Rd. (3.5% grade) is right where you need it: at the end of the race.

Description:  The First Night course starts in downtown State College, on the corner of College Ave. and Allen St. It heads west on College for two blocks, and then goes right on Burrowes Rd. The course goes up a moderate climb, then turns right on Curtin Rd. starting a long, flat stretch. The 1-mile mark is on Curtin Rd., just past the Creamery on the corner of Shortlidge Rd. The course makes a right on Bigler Rd. and heads downhill. Following Bigler to Pollock Rd., the course makes a right and continues for a flat stretch on Pollock Rd. to the corner of Fraser Rd., which is the 2-mile mark. Making a right on Fraser, the course climbs to Curtin Rd. again and makes a right. The course takes Curtin Rd. only as far as Shortlidge Rd, then makes a right for the final ½-mile downhill stretch. At College Ave, the course takes a right for a short stretch to the finish line, which is near College Ave. and Locust Lane.
Remarks: The First Night Resolution Run 5K is run in conjunction with First Night® State College festivities. The First Night 5K was a success from its beginning in 1997, and has grown each year since, regardless of what the weather was that night. The race is a festive occasion. Many people run in costume, and there is a prize for the best costume. The race attracts a wide variety of runners, from serious competitors to "resolution runners", both from the local area and from out-of-state. Visit the First Night Resolution Run web pages and the First Night® State College web site for more information.

The course map below was prepared by Greg Fredericks. It shows the landmarks of the course much better than a topo map could for this small of an area.

Map: firstnight5knew
Profile: First Night Course Profile

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