We had 16 runners last night to do 3 person relay teams. Two of the runners did 1/2's and the other person ran 1/4's., each person ran 1 mile total. The teams ran very well.

Cheryl Capone, Dave DeGroote, and Mike Weismiller
Kathenine Michell, Kate Ryan, Miruna Sasuclark     
Michelle Christensen, Vicki Summers, Pam Scott21:28
Jerry Steffy, Lori Miles, Sarah Reinhard21:35
Denise Weaver, Kim Daniels, Jess Savrock 23:17

Jasmine Fledderjohann ran the 1/4's because we did not have 2 others to complete the team.

Lori Miles was conned into trying to run with us by Susan Rossman ( who did not come )...Lori did very well for the first time running with us. Hope to see her again.