We had 11 runners with one new runner Jessica Greger. We were going to run 4x1/2 on the 5's, but with the heat and the new runner we did 3x1/2 on the 6's.

Jerry Steffy 3:43, 3:44, 3:51 - not bad for an old man.
Denise Weaver 4:12, 4:08, 4:43 see Terry, she runs well
Michael Weismiller 3:20, 3:22, 3:28 did great with keeping the pace
Michele Christensen 3:56, 4:17, 4:29 was hoping we would not be there so she could play tennis instead
Dave DeGroote 3:15, 2:56, 3:04 lead the group with those times
Vicki Summers 3:44, 3:53, 3:54 did her best to beat the old man
Pam Scott 3:47, 3:49, 3:46 she was mostly working on running an even pace
Jessie Greger ran one at 4:10 and then ran 1/4's but we did not get her times
Jessica Savrock 3:48, 3:49, 4:07 came to work hard and did well
Alonzo 3:26, 3:20, 3:19 got one by himself but caught us to run the last two with us
Kate Ryan 3:55, 3:14, 3:25 did one with us and the last two by herself. Late because of work but jumped out and got there.

See you next week at Spring Creek Park for a nice easy 45 min run.