Thursday Track Crew

2007 Thursday Track CrewThursdays are track days for a small group of men and women. This is not a formal thing -- the exact workout depends on who's there (usually numbering from a dozen to as many as thirty or more) and what they feel like doing -- but the group is very reliable about showing up. A typical workout might be something like six 400 meter intervals at 70-115 seconds (that's a pretty big spread, but we get a big spread of ability, too), or a 400-600-800-600-400 pyramid, or laps that include 100m striders, with folks doing more or less, faster or slower. We even got covered in the Centre Daily Times! If this appeals to you, meet at Rec Hall at noon, or show your face at the seasonal venue (see below) at around 12:20 or so on Thursdays. Say "hey!"

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Thursday Track: Summer Venue

June 7, 2018

The Thursday Track Crew meets every Thursday at the Curtin-Burrowes entrance to Rec Hall at noon for a warm-up run to the season's track venue. You can meet us at the season's venue or run with the group from Rec Hall as a warm-up. 

NOTE: Our summer venue for Thursday Track is the IM Fields on the north side of Park Avenue just east of the Law School. In case of a return of abominable weather, Bwana will put out an email blast on the listserve announcing a temporary indoor hiatus at the Multi-Sport Facility. Otherwise, we'll be at the IM Fields.

Summer Hours For Thursday Track: Due to the new limited hours of Rec Hall during the academic summer (from the first week of May through the start of the Fall semester, around the last week of August), the Rec Hall Regulars who come to Thursday Track leave Rec Hall by about 12 PM. Thursday Track will start at about 12:10.

Thursday Track Report: Nothing So Special About These People

October 4, 2018

It was a day meant to separate the Nothing-Too-Special-About-These-People from the Total Wusses. Warm. A bit breezy. A mild, off-and-on drizzle mixed with very occasional more vigorous spritzing. Not the kind of day that would keep *anyone* who calls him or herself a runner away from the track. Everyone’s shirt and shoes would get about as wet from rain as they had from sweat just a few weeks ago. Yet, we have a dividing line, haven’t we? Those who might melt in the rain, or who are afraid of dark skies, stayed at their desks over lunch. The rest, sort of a thin crowd including Tom Cali, Bob Cornwall, Meira Minard, Mike Zimmerman, Danny Coughlin, Andrew Maguire, Elsa Hansen, Mike Martin, Rich Harter, David Lloyd, and Marty Mazur, headed for the IM Fields.

Bwana gave a new workout. One rep is a long run (a “U” of two long sides and a short on the field - about 600 meters) at 5K race pace, followed by a short rest (short side of the field - about 60 meters), then a long side (270 meters) as hard as you can run without actually sprinting. This should be noticeably faster than we usually run our 270s. After that last one, you’ll need the long rest of the remainder of the field’s rectangle (390 meters) to get back to the start. Do 3 or 4 reps and you’ve done some work.

Speaking of dedication, as I was in paragraph one, Mike Martin showed up at the fields today. He walked a mile or so. No big deal, except when you consider that Mike had spinal surgery just two days ago to fix some pain that’s been bothering him for a few years now. The walk was part of his recovery, doctor prescribed. Let’s help Mike keep to the Rx, and also wish him well on his recovery!

Thursday Track Report: Color My World

October 18, 2018

It was a beautiful Fall day: sunny, crisp, colors popping, as Tom Cali, John Domico, Judd Michael, Mike Weyandt, Meira Minard, Randy Jepson, CJ Wagner, Rich Harter, David Lloyd, and Marty Mazur headed for the IM Fields. Tom was particularly colorful, wearing a pink sash in honor of his 64th Birthday. The group from Rec Hall was so festive, they decided to skip the track workout and just head down into Big Hollow to check out the random riot of natural Fall colors. Bwana and the rest followed, and left the IM Fields, with their monochromatic, fertilized green spaces and man-made painted lines. But we’ll be back!

Thursday Track Report: Starts With 4

September 27, 2018

Things have really turned around since Fall officially hit last week. It’s been pretty cool most days, and tonight it might get down to a number that starts with “4”. It was drab and cool (high 50s) as John Domico, Tom Cali, Judd Michael Meira Minard, CJ Wagner, Mike Zimmerman, Danny Coughlin, Rich Harter, David Lloyd, and Marty Mazur headed for the IM Fields.

With the cooler temps, we can start doing longer intervals. Bwana’s workout was two reps of the following: One big four-sided rectangle (660 meters) at 5K race pace followed by a short-sided rest (60 meters very slow jog), then 4 X 270 (the long sides of 2 laps) with short-sided rests between. After a break of a long slow 4-sider, do it again. A moderate volume. This is similar to a workout we called a “front-loader” at the track. Run a long rep, then run 4 shorter ones with short rests, recovering from the long rep as you go. There, we’d go 800-4X200.

Bwana’s next act will be to concoct some reps with roughly 1K repeats, but that’ll be maybe next week.