Girlie Men

It was a matchless autumn day: brisk, clear, and startlingly sunny, with an unseasonably moderate breeze, as Jim Myers, Dave Eggler, Bob Jones, John Domico, Tom Cali, Jim Moore, Lance Bland, Ken Davis, Tara Murray, Dana Todd, John Sheakoski, Nick Downs, Tom Hilands, Costas Maranas, Joe Bollinger, Scott Klettke, Kevin Becker, Ed Thompson, Cheryl Capone, Vicki Summers, and Marty Mazur headed for the track.

Bwana is out of practice. He's been "out of the loop" (literally, having had to miss the last two track workouts). So he's missed a lot of whining. Before we headed out, Costas asked if we were going to run inside today! When I told him it was too early in the year, he nearly had a hissy fit. At the track, Tom Hilands suggested we all do the "Girlie Man Supersets Workout". For those who don't know, Greg Dillon's "Supersets" workout is extremely tough. We did it once with the crew. If I ever do it again, I'll phone ahead for an EMT to be on standby. But Bwana has his own "lite" version of the thing. It's better known as the "Fortitude Workout": NX(400-200) where you run your 400 hard, take a short (100 m) recovery, then do your 200 at a faster pace. Tough, but compared to Greg's Supersets, it's definitely for wimps.

I say "wimps" rather than "girls" because the girls seem to have no trouble with the tough workouts. While we were doing the GMSS, Tara was finishing 8X800. She made it look easy, though she did say "This sucks!" as she passed. Some of the irregular Girlie Men were definitely wimping out today. Matt Soccio was, of course, doing his Richard Simmons Navy Seal Lite Workout. Jamie Volkert was under cover breaking up a ring of cross-dressing meth dealers. Greg Dillon was replacing all the danglies on his body-dreads. Ruth Mick was home whipping her new husband into shape. And Marty Klanchar was on the phone dealing with Martha Nelson's membership woes.

BTW, Lance Bland seemed to have a keen interest in whether "Bwanita" would be showing up at our next workout on Halloween Eve. Unfortunately, Bwana and Bwanita will be out of town for the next two weeks. Good luck to all in the coming races. See you in mid-November!

Stiffening Up

It was a typical October afternoon: crisp (and stiff) breezes, cloudy skies, temperature in the low 50s. Greg Fredericks, Bob Jones, Jim Myers, Tom Cali, Ken Davis, John Sheakoski, Greg Dillon, Judd Michael, Marty Klanchar, Mark Fedkin, Tom Hilands, John Wilcock, Mark Lee, Mark Traband, Michael Goldfine, Dana Todd, Andy Arndt, newcomers Jeannie Houston and "Josh", Ruth Mick, Cheryl Capone, Sherry Tirko, Jamie Volkert, Monika Modest and her sister, and Marty Mazur headed for the track for the first real Fall Weather Workout.

Bwana had the shivering crew do a downward ladder: 1K-800-600-400-200, with each step at a faster pace than the previous. People were asking Bwana "Can we go inside"?. The Indoor Track sure looked inviting, especially when the runners hit the backstretch and ran into the stiff October breezes.

Several of the regulars stiffed Bwana today. Some were carrying valid excuses. Lee Culver is recovering from the 48 hour creeping crud, and his voice was stiff and raspy. And Tara Murray blew off track so she could do a 4 mile hill workout warmup in Bellefonte in the early morning, followed by a 12-mile Tussey run as the sun was setting. But John Domico was pitching his wife the "Tussey Bailout Plan" and trying to get her to front him the money for an Otto's Pub Club card. He met stiff resistance. Vicki Summers was still stiff as a board after her six mile Game Lands jaunt on Saturday. And Lance Bland and Dave Moore were pouring themselves some stiff drinks after reading the DCR Captain stats of "the new guy".

Differently Abled

It was the last Thursday Track workout of the summer as Jim Myers, John Domico, Bob Jones, Lance Bland, Tom Cali, Jim Moore, Marty Klanchar, Tom Hilands, Ken Davis, Bob Cornwall, George Lesieutre, Ruth Mick, Beth Herndon, Mark Lee, Jamie Volkert, Michael Goldfine, John Wilcock, Ann Skulas-Ray, Cheryl Keller Capone, Sam Thompson, Joe Bollinger, and Marty Mazur under a blue sky with light breezes blowing puffy clouds around.

As this is the week where Fall links up with Summer, Bwana gave out the Teamwork 800s workout. That's where a pair of similarly-abled runners will do 800 where they are together for 400 and each rests while the other is doing the other half. It's easier to do than explain, unless you're Ruth and Beth, who teamed up to do 8X800. Each. Most of the other trackers did 4X800.

We had a number of "differently-abled" runners teaming up to stay away from the track today. Tara Murray was running a backhoe and 'dozer, increasing the grade out on Legs 8 and 9 for tonight's Tussey Run. Her Hillness just doesn't think three's enough fun in running the two flattest legs of the relay tonight. Sherry Tirko was sharpening her bowling ball so she can pick up the 7-10 split she left last week. Vicki Summers was sitting around thinking of how she is going to respond to the Thursday Track email without getting on Bwana's radar screen for never coming to the track. And Greg Luna was working on sketches for the Cool Beans Team Tattoo!

Seldom Scene

What a rare Fall day it was as John Domico, Tom Cali, Jim Moore, Ken Davis, Marty Klanchar, George Lesieutre, Lance Bland, Greg Dillon, Matt Soccio, Sherry Tirko, John Sheakoski, Brett Michaud, seldomers Jay Lynch and Vicki Summers, Cheryl Capone, Dana Todd, Ruth Mick, John Wilcock, Jamie Volkert, Mark Lee, Joe Bollinger, and Marty Mazur headed for the track.

Bwana coined a new word today: "seldomers". They're people who show up to track once in a Blue Moon, but who are always welcome for their special gifts. Vicki Summers is always a treat, so full of unnecessarily self-deprecating humor. And Jay Lynch can always be counted on to give it his best. Even if it's been a few months since his last appearance (it hasn't been this time), he wheezes through the prescribed workout. Bwana gave an easy workout: 2X1 Mile Indians. Easy, that is, if you get in the right group. Vicki had to drop out for a lap and a half on the first one, but came back with a vengeance on the second, setting a pretty good pace. Speaking of seldom seen, Ruth Mick made the scene with the slow group today, and even slowed *us* down!

Another seldom seen sight: Jamie's brother buzzed the crew in his sparkling Presidential Helicopter today. Jamie swears his brother wasn't transporting anyone important, but then again, why would Jamie's brother tell *him* if he was? My guess is he was using his infra-red seeker to scope out Dave Eggler, Marv Hall, Bob Cornwall, Lee Culver, John Pringle, Greg Luna, and some other seldom seens. I doubt if IR would have helped. I think some of these people have assumed room temperature.

Make-Up Session

Well, the good news is that it was cool and calm as John Domico, Tom Cali, Dave Eggler, Marty Klanchar, Judd Michael, George Lesieutre, Ruth Mick, Dave Moore, John Sheakoski, Michael Goldfine, John Wilcock, Jamie Volkert, John Pringle, Dana Todd, Mark Lee, Ed Thompson, Sherry Tirko, newcomers Cheryl Keller Capone and Joe Bollinger, Tara Murray, and Marty Mazur headed for the track. The bad news is that you can put lipstick on a track workout, but it's still a track workout. Nick Downs, had already been to the track and left a nice glossy pastel sheen for us, so we knew which direction to run.

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