June 16, 2015

Four Hills and seven workouts ago our hill repeaters brought forth on this Tuesday, a new workout routine, conceived in martyrdom, and dedicated to the proposition that all hills are not created equal.

Now we were engaged in a great semi-civil hill workout, testing whether that our runner, or any runner so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. We met on a great battle-field called Four Hills. We dedicated a portion of that hill, as a final resting place! for those who gave their lungs so that this runner nation may strive. It is altogether fitting and proper that we did this.

Mike Zimmerman, Seth Senior, Meira Minard, Alex Wouden, and Mike Renz donned their top hats, black suits and beards and set forth to attack Four Hills. But not just any attack, a precision planned ladder attack. The crew was able to run the 1st hill, go back to base, 1st and 2nd hill, back to base, and then 1st 2nd & 3rd hills where they met the scandal known as OPP FenceGate. Having taken the long way there, they were pressed for time and only had time for 2 other repeats of the gravel access road that joins the Tof! trees Trail to the top of the 3rd hill of Four Hills. So today’s workout was a concoction of 5 repeats of varying length and difficulty – which actually made for a great, and non-repetitive, hill workout. We look forward to Four Hills being completely open for an entire ladder workout!

Join us next Tuesday as we find another hill to leave some sweat, tears, and shoe rubber behind on.