June 23, 2015

Humidity is rising, barometer’s getting low.
According to our sources, golf path hill’s the place to go.
Cause today for [not] the first time, just about half past noon
For the first time in history, it’s gonna start raining hill repeats

It’s raining hill…repeats….it’s raining hill. Workouts.

The weather girls couldn’t keep these hill repeaters off of the beaten path today as Torrential Cali, Misty Minard, Arid Wouden, Muggy Zimmerman, Showery Senior, Cloudy Wagner, Drizzly Capone, and Rainy Renz set out to attack the Golf Course Bike Path Hill. Some may even argue that this! hill is located near Park Avenue. Google maps claims otherwise. The impressive lightning and thunder, and stinging raindrops the cleaned everyone pores everywhere on their bodies, did not scare these storm troopers away from doing the hill workout. We managed 5 repeats before having to call it quits. A special shoutout to Hazy Martin who warmed up the hill for everyone and did the workout earlier in the day, supposedly achieving as many as 7 repeats. The group decided the humidity was cuasing memory spasms and he most likely only did 3 repeats…but enough for an honorable mention. Still 3 more than everyone else not listed did today.

Marathon season is creeping up on us quickly, kill those late miles with the stored power that the hill workouts undoubtedly create. PR your next 25 races, qualify for the olympics, get 5th in your age group! at a State College 5k…simply by doing hill workouts! (Actual results may vary, please consult a runner before starting any hill workout program.)