June 30, 2015

In what can only be explained as a last minute week-long 4th Fest 4k training program, a gaggle of fledgling hill workouters arrived ready to fly up and down Sparks St, from Westerly Parkway to Holmes-Foster Park. This is a ¼ mi long hill that is 2 tiered with a blind corner, so each time you think you’re done the climb you realize you’re only halfway there! It was no match for even the most hatchling-esque of our hill runners, as each and every nestling made for at least 4 repeats, with a fast descent after the 3rd. The more pin-feathered of the group opted for 5 repeats to help further puff out their chests.

Squad Bland, Cockerel Wilcock, Owlet Lee, Puffling Zimmerman, Flapper Wouden, Squealer Minard, Cheeper Senior, Eaglet Martin, Pullet Maranas, Cygnet Ilgen, Squeaker Lesieutre, Peep Maguire, Gosling Wagner, and Ugly Duckling Renz all attacked the hill with the grace of a subadult turkey vulture. Colt Cali attended the hill but his feathers were not quite hill flight ready and proceeded on for a more normal weekday run. Cockerel Wilcock was well adorned with his tightest of biking pants, either forgetting today was a running day, or just wanting to teach the rest of the birdies about the physics of flight and the importance of aerodynamics.

Flutter in next week as we hunt down and flap up a new hill in search of our best hill climbing performances. Thanks for the huge outing today, hopefully our flock will continue to grow making it easier to hold up traffic for longer periods of time as they admire our dedication to the hill workout.